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These fae beings are also called brownies. The folklore describes them as helpful spirits of home and farm, creatures that can be appeased with gifts of cream and honey, and who might be offered gifts in exchange for favors and help around hearth and home. Offending hobs was regarded as a bad idea as they could become nuisances and worse to the unfortunates that anger them. Hobs appear as pleasant, small folk that might range in height from the size of a large mouse up to the size of a child.

An angry hob becomes a hobgoblin. Ugly and dangerous, a hobgoblin is bad news for those who have disturbed a hob.

In reality, hobs live anywhere they choose, though these days they are far more inclined to reside in the Fae Realms than the Mainland. They might be either seelie or unseelie, depending upon their disposition, or part of an independent troop of hobs.

Common Aspects

High Concept: A Small Fairy of Hearth and Home
Easily Insulted
You Won't Like Me When I'm Mad!
Ingenious Craftsman


  • Athletics
  • Crafts
  • Glamour
  • Occult
  • Stealth


Now You See Me... (Glamour)
Once per scene, the hob can disappear, if no one is looking. He gains the Invisible boost and cannot be seen or attacked for as long as the aspect remains. Someone looking for the hob can make a Notice roll, actively resisted by the hob's Glamour skill. Should the hob invoke the boost, attack someone or otherwise purposely draw attention to himself, the boost disappears.

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