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This campaign runs as a standard Erandor game but with the additional flexibility of gaining 20 skill points instead of a skill pyramid with an apex of Great (+4). Character can transfer skill points to Extras in order to build up their organizations. Remaining points need not form a pyramid but does need to follow columns rules.

PCs start with:

  • 5 aspects, including a High Concept and Trouble aspect.
  • 20 points for Skills, with a skill cap of Great (+4). Column rules are in place so you can't have more skills in a higher skill than there are in a lower skill.
  • 3 stunts
  • 3 Refresh (which can be lowered to buy more stunts, with a minimum Refresh of 1)

And PCs get extras including:

  • 1 aspect
  • 4 skill points to buy skills that do not need to follow the columns rule.
  • 2 stunts

PCs can save their extras points and spend them later.

All Extras options are available in this campaign including races, magic, arms and armor, alchemy, organizations, and martial arts.

Khelekeska City Map