Lansing, MI

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Dresden City Sheet Description Campaign Title - New Fairfax City-wide Themes Theme - Something Dark Lurks Beneath The Surface! City-wide Threat Threat - The Dead Aren't Quiet Anymore Threat - Faeries Have Taken Interest The Status Quo Supernatural Status Quo - Something stirs up the dead while the Fae courts gleefully prepare to drink in the chaos. Mundane Status Quo - Things are getting worse and the establishment are doing their best to just slow the slide. Movers and Shakers - In the Dark Maintain Status Quo (In the Dark) - Corrupt Officials, Lansing Cryptozological Society Rock the Boat (In the Dark) - Club Trinity, The Winter Confederation Both (In the Dark) - The Police, The Criminals, Russian Mafia Movers and Shakers - In the Know Maintain Status Quo (In the Know) - Sunrise Addition Neighborhood Watch Rock the Boat (In the Know) - Brotherhood of St. Hubertus, Red Court Infiltrators, Summer Court, Winter Court Both (In the Know) - The Robed Man, Virginia Versace

Area Code: 517

Zak and Tally live near Marscot Park