Less Seleman

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Less Seleman


Name: Less Seleman


Physical: ❑❑❑

Mental: ❑❑❑❑


Refresh: 4 ( 4 )


Less appears to mortals as a pale man in smoke-coloured glasses dressed in a shabby grey suit that is slightly out of date.

He appears to supernatural senses as a man with no eyes or mouth. His skin is somewhat shiny and takes on a slight shade of the dominant colour of his surroundings. The lack of eyes and mouth on his face is more than made up for many eyes and mouths dotting the rest of his body. They are all different and shift and express themselves more or less of their own volition. He is generally sharply dressed in a well-cut suit and hat, though the style of the suit is generally from a distant decade or century (when men knew how to dress).


High Concept: A Wintry Sylph of Sorrow

Origin: My Mortal Heart Belongs to My Frozen Queen

A Bureaucrat with Secrets

“I Do What I Must for My People – Regardless the Cost”

Wind-wing Umbrella (contains a cold iron rapier, allows flight)

Role: A Seelie Spymaster with Far-reaching Contacts


Superb (+5): Dreaming
Great (+4): Glamour, Rapport
Good (+3): Elements, Contacts, Notice, Will
Fair (+2): Burglary, Deceive, Investigation, Melee, Stealth
Avg (+1): Athletics, Crafts, Empathy, Occult, Provoke


Danger Sense (Notice)
You have an almost preternatural capacity for detecting danger. Your Notice skill works unimpeded by conditions like total concealment, darkness, or other sensory impairments in situations where someone or something intends to harm you.
Forgery (Crafts)
Gain a +2 bonus when using Crafts specifically to create falsified documents.
Light Shy (Glamour)
Manipulate illusion to bend light, effectively making you invisible! This stunt allows you to place the Invisible aspect upon yourself. Others will not see you so long as the aspect is in place. Those actively looking for you and possibly using other senses than sight can make an Investigation roll versus your Glamour skill to overcome your aspect. The aspect remains until you invoke the aspect (thereby perhaps gaining a bonus to surprise someone), you are discovered, or until the next sunset or sunrise.
Enchantment (Glamour)
The fae can “glamour” a subject, entrancing them and encouraging them to do something simple such as follow a fae, or to leave a fae, or otherwise cooperate with the wishes of the fae using Glamour. This requires a create an advantage action, usually resisted by the Will of the target. Enchanted subjects are not violent, however, and cannot be made to attack. They will cooperate until or unless they are physically harmed. This means that mental harm such as fright or other effects will not break the Enchanted aspect. The aspect will last until the scene after the fae enchanter is no longer present.
Smooth Operator (Deceive)
Gain a +2 bonus to create advantages using Deceive by creating momentary distractions, cover stories, and false impressions.
Elemental Resilience (Elements)
+1 Physical stress box.
Fading Memories (Dreaming)
You can use the Dreaming skill against mortals to cause them to forget something recent. This is a create an advantage action and the fae gains a +2 to do so. The aspect is temporary, in that it eventually fades away because it is not needed as natural processes cause the mortal to forget. All this Fading Memory aspect really does is cause the mortal to tend to not think about whatever recent memory the fae wants him to forget. The memory becomes like a dream and fades very quickly. There are ways to temporarily overcome the aspect, typically involving hypnosis or therapy (things that might be achieved by a psychologist using the Empathy skill), but someone has to know there is something the mortal should remember in the first place.



Elements (using Air, in Less’s case) can be used as a defense, describing his ability to literally transmogrify a part of his body to air for an instant, allowing bullets, blades, fists, etc. to simply pass through him. It can be used offensively to pummel or buffet people with air (and you can incorporate Cold effects as well because you are described as such an elemental in your aspects), create advantages, knock aside obstacles, all kinds of good stuff.

Dreaming is used in dreams, in a faerie realm, and also to find a Shadow Gate Less can use to slip from the Mainland (what we call the mortal world) to the nearest Fae Realm. VERY handy. And Less is VERY good at this. “Great”, in fact. :)

Glamour gets Less quite a bit more than he used to be able to do, but I felt it was needed because it can also be used to obscure himself and with the Light Shy stunt I created custom for you, to become completely invisible.

I've linked your special skills to their descriptions on this wiki for your ease of reference.

Because there is no Glamour in Shadowgate, a feeding mechanism and magical ways to emotionally manipulate mortals’ emotions is not needed. In fact, Less’s Rapport skill is so incredibly good (Superb in fact!), he doesn’t need magic at all to be a master politician, smooth operator, and — if he wants — a master manipulator!

I created the Windwing Umbrella as an aspect. I think it is important to the character and worth placing there. You can spend a Fate point to invoke it to do special things, or simply use a skill to create a free invoke on it (takes an extra exchange, but costs nothing then).

For example, because you have the Windwing Umbrella, Less can take an action to draw his rapier, which we know is forged of Cold Iron. He could also take an action to raise his umbrella and ready it to catch the wind, and then he would be able to fly over stuff with ease. Or, if time was of the essence, then he can do any of those things instantly by paying a Fate point.

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