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    Current Projects

    Settings and Rule Sets

    Auryth - Setting developed for the Gold Roster based on the BareBones Fantasy RPG

    Champions of Fate - Streamlined rules for a Superhero role-playing game using Fate Core System!

    Erandor - A setting similar to Faeln metioned below and using many of the same rules but established out of many RPG campaigns that have used various versions of Fate. This incarnation is an attempt to model the newest and most definitive conception of the world.

    Faeln - A fantasy setting using Fate Core System.

    Galactic Core - A space opera setting based on the Star Wars universe that uses Fate Core System.

    Shadowgate: Essentials - Wiki-ized, open setting book for Fate Core.

    Shadowgate: Creatures & Characters - A place to find your Shadowgate-style npcs!

    Shadows of Lansing - Information for a Storium game.

    Thalassa - A fantasy setting.

    Thrakus - A fantasy world for 5th edition D&D.


    Aether Sea - A campaign using the setting of the same name. For Fate Accelerated.

    Khelekeska - Setting information for an Erandor campaign set near the Twilight Lands and the city of Khelekeska.

    Shadowgate: Mythic - Background information for a modern, dark fantasy game set in a mythical city.

    Shadowgate: AM - A few tidbits from the Ames Metro campaign.

    Malfurion Isle - A fantasy campaign set in Faeln.

    Older Campaigns

    How to Use This Wiki

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