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Who's Online

    Current News

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    Current Projects

    Settings and Rule Sets

    Auryth - Setting developed for the Gold Roster based on the BareBones Fantasy RPG

    Confederacy of Planets - Wiki-ized rules for a far-future, sci-fi game. Uses Fate Core.

    Cybershards - A rule set and setting for a gritty cyberpunk setting for Fate. This is being ported from an Instant Fuzion version of the game.

    Faeln - A fantasy setting using Fate Core System.

    Galactic Core - A space opera setting based on the Star Wars universe that uses Fate Core System.

    Shadowgate: Essentials - Wiki-ized, open setting book for Fate Core.

    Shadowgate: Creatures & Characters - A place to find your Shadowgate-style npcs!


    Shadowgate: Mythic - Background information for a modern, dark fantasy game set in a mythical city.

    Shadowgate: AM - A few tidbits from the Ames Metro campaign.

    Malfurion Isle - A fantasy campaign set in Faeln.

    Older Campaigns

    How to Use This Wiki

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    Utility Pages