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New Wiki is now online. This site is dedicated to RPG games and gaming and is an open resource for those who wish to develop a free and open setting and/or game system.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Spam Notice

In cleaning up accounts created by spammers and their bots, a couple of valid accounts may have been cleaned up, too. If your account was deleted, I apologize. To avoid deletion by maintenance routines, you need only take some action, be it just editing your own personal page, contributing something, or the like. This flags your account, be it a new one or old one, as active and will prevent deletion.

Also note that you need not create an account here to contribute to pages. Anonymous contribution is allowed and welcomed since even vandalism is very easily remedied (and those people quite simply banned). However, note that if you choose to do anonymous contribution only, others cannot contact you via the wiki and that your IP will be recorded with your entries. This is how we track IPs from spammers and vandals attempting abuse anonymously.

Current Projects

Auryth - Setting developed for the Gold Roster based on the BareBones Fantasy RPG

Shadowgate: Mythic - Background information for a modern, dark fantasy game set in a mythical city.

Shadowgate: Essentials - Wiki-ized, open setting book for Fate Core.

Confederacy of Planets - Wiki-ized rules for a far-future, sci-fi game.

Older Campaigns