Malfurion Isle

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Setting Notes

The date is 504 AR, autumn.

A small human principality sprawls along the northern corner of Malfurion isle. To the east of it lies a dark forest called Bronwyn's Folley, darkly overlooking the Old Dwarf Road that leads to the sole dwarven city-state on the island, called Foundry. The dwarven city is hidden beneath the roots of the hills that border the Mountains of Shadow that dominate the core of the island. Another forest called the Dreadwood lies in the eastern portion of the island, daring to close upon a night elf colony named Sulidia. Unnamed hills and the forest called the Bloodhorn lay in the south of the island and along the west coast lies the Salt Dunes.

The island is over two hundred miles wide.





The PCs, weary of the grinding duties of court find an opportunity to stretch their legs and help locate a missing priest in To Burn a Witch.


This campaign is created by users Dragon and Rey.