Marcher Lords

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The Marches are holdings near the Twilight Lands. Mostly elvish, but there are some dwarf and human marcher lords as well. Khelekeska sponsors capable people who would do service for the city. Leaders willing to undertake this important responsibility are granted noble status, soldiers, and a parcel. Many parcels already have strongholds available (though they may be in need of repair or to be retaken).

There are few volunteers because this duty is difficult and dangerous. Some marcher lords are nobles from Khelekeska who've fallen out of favor, lost their status, or have become bankrupt for one reason or another. Others are humans or dwarves who are tired of the city and want to create something new — and are just crazy enough to think they can manage it in the wooded and mountainous regions of the Marches.

The support sent by Khelekeska tends to be soldiers who are being punished for indiscretion, insubordination, or other dishonorable activity not serious enough to be called treason. They also send criminals who opt for service in the Marches in lieu of time in prison.

The marcher lords typically receive little or no assistance from the mages of the Holy Circle or the Sanctuary of the Gods. Assistance is almost entirely of the above type as determined by the Lord Executor.

Aspects: Independent Frontier Nobility, Rugged Survivors, Hardship Is the Anvil of Unity