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(M T F)

Other suggested names: US Metaphysical Investigation Bureau, Central Metaphysics Agency, Bureau of Extra-Normal Activities (BENA), The Craft Corps (CC). US Laws Regarding Craft and the Supernatural:

  1. Supernatural creatures, including the Unliving (specifically, vampyres) are considered legal citizens.
    1. In practice, when a complaint is made, a team is usually dispatched to eliminate the problem. In these cases a special "Field Judge" is attached to the team. He will decide the case in the field based on evidence at hand and will deliver an innocent or guilty charge on the spot. Guilty charges against supernatural citizens almost always result in execution. Few suspects are ever found innocent.
    2. Since justice in the field can only be decided and delivered by the Field Judges, it falls to them to execute it upon the guilty. (Oh, there's going to be tons of great RP material out of that rule!)
  2. It is legal to practice Craft. It is not legal to use the Craft against another citizen's will, regardless the intent. Law enforcement officials, however, are authorized in the use of The Craft in the pursuit of criminals.

Rules for agents of the MTF:

  1. When dealing with witch, psychic, necromancer, or other gifted human perpetrators, targets are to be captured for processing.
  2. Lethal force must be authorized by a senior agent from the Office. This is usually only authorized in extreme circumstances, such as when encountering extremely violent criminals, or supernatural criminals that cannot be subdued through normal means.
  3. Lycanthropes, as defined by the MTF, fall into both "human" and "supernatural" categories. Caution is advised...

The Protagonists[edit]

Agency Equipment

Character Creation Rules[edit]

New Character type: Cyborgs


We'll be using the correction in the MC. When increasing damage for levels of success, it will be added to the die roll, not the multiplier, to avoid the frustrating occurrance of rolling minimal damage (although the maximum damage will also be lowered).

High Magic World[edit]

The MTF world is strong in magical power. Most witches (female magicians) and sorcerers (male magicians) use a great deal of Spirit Mastery magics in addition to Warding, Shielding and often even Gateway.

To reflect the magic-heavy feel of the world, the cost for Invocations is reduced to 1 point per level at character creation up to level 5. It then jumps to the usual 5 points per level thereafter. The XP cost to raise the skills later is as listed in the WC Core book.

New Invocations:[edit]

New Deities:[edit]


  • As per the optional rules on WC159, experience points will be distributes in 4 varieties, including Noncombat XPs, Combat XPs, Metaphysical XPs, and Freebie XPs.
    • Noncombat Experience may be spent to improve non-combat skills and qualities, as well as Mental Attributes.
    • Combat Experience can be spent on combat skills and Physical Attributes.
    • Metaphysical Experience can be spent on Metaphysics-related skills, Qualities and Metaphysics.
    • Freebie Experience may be spent on anything.
  • These points will be distributed based on what the character did during game play (and during stated training periods during "down time").
  • Awards will usually consist of 4 XPs of various types each game session, with 3 for short sessions, and bonus experience for outstanding roleplay or other game contributions. In addition, it may be possible to receive Qualities as an in-game reward for character actions.


Craft Also referred to more reverently as "The Craft". This most often refers to the magic weilded by witches and sorcerors.

immortal Usually refers to a True Immortal.

lycanthrope A Feral shapeshifter. Specific names are given to identify species: werewolf, were-jaguar, were-bear, etc.

mad dog Usually code for a witch or sorcerer using Taint powers. A mad dog often is, but not necessarily, a worshipper of the Mad Gods, He certainly is one who has seen too much.

nat A natural human. This can also mean a Gifted human or any other type, so long as they are still a living human being.

psychic A human or supernatural with The Sight.

psycho perp A psychic perpetrator of a crime.

sorceror A male user of Invocation magic. (Witchcraft: Magician)

super A supernatural creature such as a lycanthrope, Wampyr, vampire, undead, spirit, or true immortal

super perp A supernatural perpetrator of a crime.

teek a psychic with telekinetic powers.

vampire A blood-drinking vampyre (as per Witchcraft).

Wampyr Pronounced "vahm-peer". This is the equivalent of the Witchcraft vampyre.

witch A female user of Invocation magic. (Witchcraft: Magician)