Mira Naia

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Mira Naia

Mira Naia

Shadowgate Mythic campaign.

Supernatural Type:Fae


Physical: ❒❒❒❒❒

Mental: ❒❒❒


Refresh: 3 (3)


In her mortal form, Mira has dark brown hair and dark eyes. Her mask grants her healthy, if pale skin tone. Mira used to dress in whatever she could find or what people gave her, given her lack of steady income. However, since her association with Rey Lafitte, she’s changed her lifestyle and might be found wearing anything from casual to formal wear. All her clothes are new. Her hair has been cut short in an asymmetrical style, similar to the one Qora has in Tron: Legacy. She is 22, 5’4”, 115 lbs, born July 7th. She is originally half Japanese, half American.

Fae Mein:
Mira appears to actually be a water nymph. When not using her elemental powers, she looks like a classic, beautiful nymph with pale, lustrous flesh that virtually glows in moonlight. Her hair acquires silvery-blue streaks and the brown is lighter than her Mask. Her ears are pointed and her eyes seem purple.


Monstrous Concept: An Alluring Nymph of Ice and Water

Origin Story: Corrupted by a Vampire Lord

A Creature of Burning Sensual Desire

My Allies, My Addiction

An Oracle Whose Visions Come with a Price

Sorceress of the Desert Duchy (role)

Bound Servant of Remy Deprez (usually has one free invoke on it.)[1]


+5: Brawl, Elements

+4: Rapport, Unseelie Magic

+3: Athletics, Physique, Stealth

+2: Burglary, Craft, Glamour, Occult

+1: Contacts, Empathy, Lore, Notice, Will


Descent Track: ❒❒❒

Monstrous Compulsion:


+2 to Rapport rolls where her looks can come into play.
Siren's Song
The siren can use Rapport to place the aspect Entrancing Voice upon a scene. The effect lasts as long as she continues to speak or sing. The aspect can be invoked against anyone trying to concentrating on something other than the siren’s song or words. It can also act to restrict actions to do anything other than pay attention to the siren (an overcome action is necessary, which can be actively resisted by the siren). Keeping the song going requires the Siren to devote her actions to it.
+2 to Occult rolls to identify magical items, rituals and ongoing spells.
Create Element
Instantly create an element that is part of her (water, ice, fire). Pay a Fate point to make it remain until the next sunset, it melts, evaporates, or burns away, whichever happens first.
Elemental Resilience
+1 physical stress box
Form of the Elemental Avenger
Spend a Fate point to get Armor:2 and Weapon:2. This is obvious magic that makes the character’s fae nature obvious. So, it can take the form of ice armor, body of water, body of flames, etc. These bonuses do not affect anything with the Cold Iron aspect.
Use water magic to disperse water. This is something like the reverse of Create Element. In this case, it simply disperses water. It has a rather dramatic effect on things made of mostly water, such as most living things. The game effect is a Weapon:2 bonus to make attacks using Elements.
Unseelie Sorcery
When using Unseelie Magic to create an advantage relating to its nature (death, decay, ice, slumber, or wildness), you succeed with style by exceeding the difficulty by 2 instead of 3.
Dedicated Servant
Although Remy does not foster strength of Will in those he considers his servants (Bound or not), he does require loyalty and goes out of his way to ensure it. Mira gets +2 to Will defense rolls when her loyalty to Remy might be called to question or attacked. Note that she might also invoke her Bound Servant aspect for a further bonus.


Mira's Warded Apartment

These wards were expensive to lay down, costing Aurra one Refresh for each permanent ward. In exchange, Mira gave Aurra three wishes -- the equivalent of Aurra buying 3 Refresh worth of powers or stunts. Since a wish is one-use, Aurra can ask Mira something very significant. But, note that one wish was given to Less, and he used it. Thus Aurra has 2 wishes left from Mira -- and one wish left owed her by Less.

The wards take the form of Aspects:

  • Ward Against Werewolves
  • Ward Against Vampires
  • Ward Against the Fae

The wards are permanent, in that the Aspects don't go away. It may be possible to suppress or drain them, but they will assert themselves again. In addition, each ward can be invoked once for free each new scene. They can also be invoked by spending Fate points as usual. A supernatural being can also empower them by touching the ward and making a Will roll versus a Mediocre difficulty. This is a create an advantage action to get more free invokes.

The way it works is that they form a barrier of sorts, that only work against the use of supernatural powers by specific supernatural beings. So, if a vampire wishes to use his powers while in her apartment, he must first overcome the Ward. The difficulty is Fair (+2), but can go to Great or higher by invoking the ward against the supernatural being. If the roll fails, then that being is restricted from using any supernatural powers while in her apartment. If the roll succeeds, then for that supernatural character only the ward is no longer effective, for the rest of the scene.

As a rule, Mira doesn't make exceptions on the use of power in her apartment and has said as much. This is not quite true -- she has made an exception for Remy Deprez because there are certain powers of his she enjoys him using when with her.


Remy asked Mira to learn Glamour magic. She now has some skill in it (Fair).

After being hit by a semi-truck, Mira never quite regained her full strength, though her ability with magic is a strong as ever. (Physique and Unseelie magic skills swapped places, so that Physique dropped form Great to Good.) Elements went to Superb.


  1. Mira is unaware that he's just as bound to her as she is to him.