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Name: Morgan

Description: Morgan is attractive, aggressive and interested in pushing the envelope. Sarah is her co-conspirator and sister in arms and they enjoy doing everything together.

Physical Stress: ❑❑❑❑ Mental Stress: ❑❑


Aspects Skills
HC: A Feral, Sexy Beast of the Iron Teeth Pack +5: Brawl

+4: Athletics, Empathy, Physique

+3: Deceive, Investigation, Lore, Rapport

+2: Contacts, Crafts, Notice, Provoke

+1: Drive, Resources

Origin: Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll, Baby!
I’ll Take It If You Can Dish It Out!
The Vampire Warren Brody Owes Me


Hot Feral
(Rapport) +2 to Rapport rolls to seduce.
Danger Sense
(Notice) Notice works unimpeded by conditions such as darkness, total concealment, and other things that could hide an ambush.
(Physique) +2 to Physique rolls made to create advantages on a target by wrestling or grappling with them.

Werewolf Stunts

Feral Shape Changing
+1 on Physique rolls to overcome and create advantage rolls relying on strength. Can spread Lycanthropy.
Change Anytime
The feral is experienced enough with her condition she is not restricted to changing only during a certain phase of the moon. She can shift anytime.
(Brawl) Gain Weapon:2 in beast form.
Scent Supernatural
(Notice) Use Notice to detect whether someone is a supernatural or not.
Supernatural Speed
(Athletics) Gain +2 to Athletics rolls involving moving very quickly.


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