Mythic City

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Mythic City Overview
Mythic City Map.jpg

Central Mythic Neighborhood Map
CentralMC Local Map.jpg

Place Description
Applegate St Shelter Homeless Shelter
Bud's Bar and Grill Local bar (dive). A little run down, but okay during the day. At night it's a good place to get into a fight.
Central Mythic Park Large park in the city center. Lots of trails.
Cinemark Movies 24 Old-style movie theaters. Screens are small, it's not in a very good neighborhood, but there are a lot of them. 5 Screens are closed for repairs — indefinitely
Chippendale's Ladies' club. Popular with the 30+ professional set.
City Lights Gay dance club
Coyote Den Park Park (features trees, westward side slope of Lookout Peak Mountain)
Eden Natural Foods
Frederick's Fish and Seafood Fishmonger
Gordon's Underground wine bar popular with the older occult set
Karnak Middle Eastern restaurant
Keg Shop Party supply
La Fiesta Bakery and cafe
Lookout Peak Park Park (features trees, top of Lookout Peak Mountain, adjacent to Mythic South Shopping Center
Mythic City Night Shelter A place for homeless to sleep
Mythic Hospital Hospital
Mythic Opera House Aged theater built in Victorian style. It's not terribly expensive, plays regularly, features local talent. The neighborhood is very tough — visitors stick to the main roads.
Mythic Video Video Rentals
Oak Ridge Park Park (Features trees, cliff)
Oak Ridge Cemetary Cemetary
People & Things Adult party store
PetCo Pet supplies
Red Sombrero Lesbian bar. Has Karaoke nights about once a month.
Rosewood The Rosewood is a casual arts club with live shows. Low key, sophisticated atmosphere.
Rosewood Park Park (features trees, playground equipment)
Salta Dance club w/ Spanish theme. Thursday night is Ladie's Nite.
Second Skin Tattoo & Pierce Tattoo parlor and piercing.
Sherriton Shelter Homeless Shelter
Shopping Center Contains a number of stores
Singing Star Healing & Wellness Alternative Healing not far from the hospital.
Spike's Vampire-themed dance club. Bondage Nite on Sundays and Wednesdays, with gothier music. Caters to the younger crowd.
Starr's Gentlemen's club. Starr is the owner of her own club after years of working as a stripper herself.
Stitches Place specializing in goth clothing — custom or off the shelf.
The Spotlight Smoky jazz bar. Not much dancing, except on Swing nights.
St. George Expensive restaurant in an expensive hotel. How it stays in business in this part of town is a bit of a mystery.
The Tippy Cup An old and rather run-down cafe sharing a street with strip clubs, bars, and porn shops
Twisted Pine Natural materials clothing
Warehouse District Contains many large warehouses in gangland turf

Shopping Center
The full name of this shopping center is Mythic South Shopping Center. It contains no mall, but has:

Home Depot

Super Target

A strip mall with a health food store named Tabby's, a new age store called Tarot and More, and a liquor store called Woody's Wine and Spirits.

Scheel's All Sports store

West Mythic Neighborhood Map
WestMC Local large.png

Legend 1 square = 330'

  1. Iron Mountain Park
  2. Players Choice of Name river bed
  3. Players Choice of Name river bed - this is part of the Rio Grande river basin.
  4. General Hyde Park
  5. Otowi Pond
  6. Freeman Road
  7. Name Railroad
  8. West Mythic Train Station
  9. Belle Park (this comprises a number of tall, old hotels that closed and then were converted into low-income apartment buildings, including some pay by day rooms. Less has a place here)
  10. Gareth Circle. A section containing very expensive but older houses occupied by the older and richer families in this part of Mythic.
  11. Mythic City Public Library (Iron Mountain Branch) ; Papa Guido's
  12. Martin's Gym ; Fast Fashion ; Station Beanery (coffee shop)
  13. Edna's Mysterious Emporium ; Mythic City Night Shelter ; Smith Street Thrift
  14. Iron Plaza Shopping Center
  15. Strip mall — includes Root Fine Foods
  16. Iron Plaza Mall
  17. Michael's Arts & Crafts
  18. Name Theaters
  19. Strip mall — About half of it is Bartelby Books
  20. Alexander Billington Elementary School — now closed
  21. Woodridge Gardens — mid-century neighborhood. Simon lives here, on Hyacinth Court.
  22. Highgate Manor — Rey's house is located here, on Winchester Drive, facing Iron Mountain Park.
  23. Mountainside Place - Newer neighborhood