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Also known as a Neck or Nixie. Nix is generally regarded as the name of the males, Nixie is attributed most often to females. The natural form of these fae are long-nosed serpents, sometimes referred to as a type of water horse. As such, they have affinity to beast magic. However, they often appear as an attractive human.

A nix might be friendly and kind or just as easily deadly dangerous. They are as varied in disposition as humans are themselves. There are as many stories of a nix or nixie luring victims to them to drown as there are stories of a nix or nixie saving a mortal in need. Malevolent nixes are called kelpies in some places.

Using human form, they are capable of being out of water for long periods of time, though they tend to grow despondent and restless. They normally make their homes in lakes, rivers or streams and might take residence in the Mainland rather than restricting themselves to a Fae Realm.

These fae should be first described as a serpent-like water creature that use Beast Kin magic to take mortal form rather than the other way around.

Common Aspects

High Concept: A Fae Water Horse
A Mysterious Creature of Alluring Beauty


  • Athletics
  • Beast Kin
  • Brawl
  • Deceive
  • Empathy
  • Notice
  • Physique
  • Rapport


Blessing of the Beast
Regardless of the nix's current form, he (or she) can move through water at surprising speeds. Make overcome rolls to move zones using Athletics with a +2 bonus. A nix breathes in water with the aid of gills, but they can breathe air in their natural form (but gain the ability to breathe air when in their human form).
Mortal Shape
Spend a Fate point to assume the nix's attractive human form and remain in that form as long as the nix wishes. In so doing, the nix may rearrange his skills to reflect this form.

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