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Nymphs are divided into a number of different groups, depending on their origins. Whatever group they belong to, they typically are beautiful female maidens given to expressing physical and amorous freedom. Nymphs never suffer the ravages of aging, though they can be killed. Daughters of nymphs are always nymphs themselves. They reach maturity very rapidly and always become nymphs of the same kind as their mother. Males born to nymphs are take the traits of the father's kind. Nymphs are known to leave male children on the doorsteps or in the hands of their fathers.

"Celestial" nymphs rarely visit the Mainland but reside always in one of the Fae Realms, often part of a retinue of Sidhe Lords so powerful they are considered gods. These nymphs have an affinity toward whatever element their god also has. Water nymphs might be found in and near water sources. Land nymphs are those found in earthy places like grottos. Plant and wood nymphs make their homes in remote wildernesses. Wood nymphs are also often called "dryads".

Nymphs tend to be tied to places. While they my venture beyond the bounds of their trees, streams, or whatever they consider their homes, they will almost always return. It is very difficult for a nymph, both physically and emotionally, to uproot this connection to their home and create a new connection.

Satyrs frequently pursue nymphs where they can given their habits of cavorting and carnal appetites since the appetites of nymphs are also well known to them.

Nymphs are not considered malicious, but those who make up the retinue of particularly war-like Sidhe or deities can be fierce in their dedication to their patron. They also tend to show great loyalty and care toward whatever place they are connected and will fight to defend them from encroachment when threatened.

Common Aspects

High Concept: A Nymph of [Water, Earth, or Plant]
An Alluring but Capricious Fae
Strongly Connected to [Place or Powerful Being]


  • Dreaming
  • Elements (Usually also used as a defense if attacked)
  • Empathy
  • Rapport
  • Stealth (Or a combat skill depending on the nymph's disposition)
  • Will


Create Element
The nymph can instantly create the element to which she has affinity (described in an aspect). This allows her to use her Elements skill in situations where the element might not otherwise be present.
Nose for Trouble
The nymph can use Empathy instead of Notice to determine her turn order in a conflict, provided she's gotten a chance to observe or speak to those involved for at least a few minutes beforehand during this scene.

Dream Gates
A nymph's home is has a thin separation between a specific spot in a Fae Realm and her home in the Mainland. Her Dream skill allows her to travel back and forth. Nymphs without the Dream skill probably have access to a minor shadow gate.

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