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Female ogres are called ogresses. These are huge humanoid fae that are also usually pretty ugly. They often have misshapen heads, hairy bodies, and a voracious appetite. Nor are they particular about what, or who, they eat. Great strength and reprehensible eating habits characterize this group of fae.

Ogresses tend to be much less ugly and frightening as ogres, but are usually very fierce.

Common Aspects

High Concept: A Massive Humanoid Brute
Scary as Hell
A Fierce Brawler [or Warrior]
Ravenous Appetite for Flesh



Stone-crushing Grip
Inflict 2 stress when performing a create an advantage action using Brawl to place the aspect, Grabbed or something similar to that aspect.
Eat Anything
If the ogre can get it in his mouth, he can eat virtually anything -- and it provides sustenance.
Toughened Hide
The ogre has Armor:2 against physical stress.

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