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Mythic City[edit]

  • Blood Tears Club. Aspect: A "Lifestyle" Club Run by Witches
  • Citizen Diego. Aspect: Rare Goods and Antiques. Located in downtown Mythic City.
  • Iron Mountain State Park. Aspect: A Wilderness Engulfed by Urban Sprawl This area is completely surrounded by city but remains a wildlife refuge as well as recreation area containing bike trails, hiking and points of interest such as lookout points from which to view the city. Consequently, there are several popular make-out locations. Iron Mountain also used to the location of an old silver mine. Richer, more accessible veins were found in other mountains, but high-quality iron ore that could be mined underground was also found here. However, this industry dried up decades ago, leaving the old mountain with its current name. Mine stopes left by the operations were backfilled with concrete slurry when the site was donated to the state as a park in order to make it safer for adventurous citizens who might break into them out of curiosity.
  • Mythic City Fairgrounds. Aspect: Fun Any Time of the Year East of downtown. Hosts regular flea markets all year round in permanent buildings, as well as fair, events, races.
  • The Pipe and Fiddle. Aspect: A Cozy Gastro-Pub (Rey Lafitte part owner)
  • Sticks. Aspect: Blue Collar Pool Hall

Santa Fe[edit]

  • Corazon. Aspect: A Quiet Club in a Quiet Town Run by Alexei Kosygin, Desert Duchy faerie
  • The Rusty Sprocket. Aspect: A Biker Bar Run by Werewolves Favored by the Storm Front pack.
  • Salta. Multi-level Dance Club Separate floors cater to different styles of dance. One is Latin, another ballroom, and yet another is simply modern club dancing. A fourth floor alternates styles. Club is owned by the vampire Annabeth Milogie.


  • Hope Springs Spa Resort. Aspect: A Great Place to Unwind Out of town
  • Blue Bird & Hammerstein. Aspect: Native American Hand-Made Goods and Jewelry Well known jewelers and native American trading post. In addition to Hopi, Navajo and Dine artifacts, they support a full line of silver and gold jewelry - all from local, Rocky Mountain and Black Hills sources. This place is located northwest of Iron Mountain, in Vinland.
  • Mythic City Renaissance Faire. Aspect A Replica Renaissance Town