Padraigan Creeley

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Name: Padraigan Creeley


Physical: ❑❑

Mental: ❑❑


Refresh: 1 ( 1 )



High Concept: Aristos Emissary of the Mekhet Line

Origin: I Was Too Young to Die...

My Wrath Is Matched Only by My Lust

My Pack, My Family (Includes Fang, Odin, Shade as supporting characters)

Bound to Me and I to Him: Russell Blackblood


Superb (+5): Rapport
Great (+4): Melee, Blood Tenebrous*
Good (+3): Domination* , Occult, Stealth
Fair (+2): Deceive, Empathy, Brawl, Notice
Avg (+1): Athletics, Blood Magic*, Investigation, Lore, Resources


Too Hot to touch 
(Rapport) +2 to Rapport rolls to seduce, drawing upon good looks and a sexy demeanor.
Fighting Finesse 
(Melee) +2 to create an advantage in melee. Your skill in disarms, defense and tricky moves is unsurpassed.

Vampire Stunts

Forgotten Pocket 
(Stealth) Spend 1 mental stress to hide a single item you can hold in one hand anywhere on your body. It can’t be found with a general search. A specific search requires Investigation versus your Stealth skill.
Mask of Humanity 
(Deceive)} Abilities that could otherwise reveal you as a vampire never do. You seem human, often even to those with the ability to sense supernaturals.
Shadow Cloak 
(Stealth) Spend 1 mental stress to gain a Cloak of Night boost. No one can attack or place aspects on you unless they succeed in a Notice roll versus your Stealth. Once you use the boost, the Cloak dissipates and you are revealed.
Heightened Senses 
(Notice or Investigation) Ignore penalties for darkness. Spend 1 mental stress to gain +3 to the next Notice or Investigation roll using one sense.
Aura Perception 
(Empathy) See auras and sense whether the target is a supernatural. If the target has some ability to allow them to appear normal, roll Empathy versus Deceive or the target’s supernatural power.


Vampire Skills
Blood Magic As per the Shadowgate: Essentials book. Padan knows the ritual “Deathly Constitution” which can place the Rigor Mortis aspect on victim with a successful Blood Magic versus Physique roll.

Blood Tenebrous

This skill allows a vampire to peer into the realm of spirits — and more.

Overcome. Use Blood Tenebrous to sense spiritual phenomena in her immediate area. Sensing that it is there is automatic. Sensing what it is exactly requires a skill roll. The difficulty depends on how feint the spiritual phenomena is, or how well a spirit is hiding it.
This skill can also be used to find cracks in this world and slip into the Spirit World. This is similar to our own, but this is the home of spirits. In the Spirit World, all spirits have a physical form and the vampire can interact with them. It is usually night in the Spirit World, but not always and not everywhere. The vampire can also take others with her. Use the following as a reference

Difficulty to Cross to the Spirit World -- Average (+1) to Superb (+5) depending on how rooted in the physical world the local area is.
Taking others with -- +1 to the difficulty for each additional passenger.
Taking someone unwilling to go -- Resisted by target’s Will. Add all above modifiers to his roll for the total difficulty.

Another, terrifying use of this ability is to draw a spirit into the vampire herself and merge with it. To do so, the vampire must meditate for an hour, then roll her skill versus a difficulty equal to the spirit’s peak skill. If successful, the vampire gains a situation aspect like Merged with [Name of Spirit] until the vampire and spirit no longer with to be one. While merged, the vampire’s aspects and the spirit’s aspects should be changed to reflect this new, combined persona. The new being gains access to both the spirit’s and vampire’s powers and skills. Rebuild the skill pyramid keeping all the same slots, but move around or replace skills to reflect your new form. Swap out stunts as desired to gain access to stunts the spirit entity might have had.
This union ends when the new, combined character wishes it so.
Create an Advantage. Empower spiritual entities by using this skill to spill small amounts of your own blood and imbue it with spiritual energy. A spirit can use it to recover stress or gain aspects that empower it.
Attack. This skill is not used to directly attack anyone.
Defend. This skill isn’t used for defense.


As per the Shadowgate: Essentials rules.


Combat Knight (Weapon:1)

Switchblade (Weapon:1)

Throwing Knife (Weapon:1)

Cell phone

Compact Car

Urban Survival Kit (thanks, Dad!)

Animalism is covered by Dominate now. Allows use of “Animalism” powers on both animals and people now.

Help:Using the Fate PC Template