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Like most Fate games, starting characters may begin with pieces of equipment appropriate to the character. In other words, if an aspect or a skill implies you should have a piece of equipment, then your character has it at game start. After all, a burglar isn't going to get far without his lockpicks, a gun for hire won't find many jobs if he has no guns, and a getaway driver won't go far without a car.

That said, it's probably a good idea to jot down the equipment you have. Often, this equipment allows you to use a skill. Using examples above, you can't use burglary without some kind of lock picking (electronic or otherwise) tool, you can use Drive without a vehicle, etc. Should you lose the piece of equipment you might need to use your Resources to purchase a replacement later, or perhaps simply to acquire a better version of something you do have.

The following table contains list of equipment to serve as examples for your Cybershards game.


Item Notes Cost (Resources roll)
Air Filter Filters pollution and poisons. Lasts one week of normal use in a smoggy city Mediocre (+0)
Aqua Gill Breathe underwater for one hour. It’s highly compact and weighs not much more than head gear. Average (+1)
Anti-Flash Sunglasses Protects the eyes against flash attacks such as flash grenades. Invoke to receive a bonus against actions to place "blinded" or similar visual aspects on you. Average (+1)
Binoculars 20x zoom lenses Mediocre (+0)
Bug Detector Detects small transmitters within 10 meters of the detector Average (+1)
Camouflage Clothing Comes in Urban, Desert, Forest, Jungle and Winter colors Mediocre (+0)
Crystal Chips Stores data, music or video. Read and write capable. Stores up to 10 hours of Audio and Video recording. Mediocre (+0)
Cyber Repair Kit Gas soldering/cutting torch, solder, wire, standard replacement ICs Mediocre (+0)
Digital Camera Still or motion, 2 hours of use on one Power Cell Average (+1)
First Aid Kit This is required to administer First Aid with the Medicine Skill Group Mediocre (+0)
Hand Lamp LED flashlight provides 100,0000 hours of light on one power cell Mediocre (+0)
Lighter Make fires Mediocre (+0)
Med Scanner The readouts provide a +3 bonus to the AV on Medicine rolls for First Aid Average (+1)
Night Vision Scope Used alone or mounted on a weapon, allows vision in low-light situations Average (+1)
Nylon Rope 100m, 200kg max load Mediocre (+0)
Portable Deck (Portable Computer) Fair (+2)
Power Cell Battery One size fits all. Mediocre (+0)
Radio 2-way Headset with a range of 10 km Average (+1)
Remote Ear This is a “bug” with a 2km transmitting range Fair (+2)
Skis Average (+1)
Snowshoes Average (+1)
Standard Toolset Basic mechanic’s tools Mediocre (+0)
Tent 4-man Mediocre (+0)
Tool Knife Various fold-out small tools in a pocket sized knife Mediocre (+0)


Vehicle Notes Cost (Resources roll)
Motorcycle (Armored Military) Provides an Armored aspect that can be invoked to defend the rider. Good (+3)
Motorcycle Civillian bikes offer no armor Fair (+2)
Ground car (wheeled) Good (+3)
Van (wheeled) 5+ passengers and cargo Good (+3)
Hovercar Provides a Basic Autopilot with a Fair (+2) Drive skill Great (+4)
Hovervan 5+ passengers and cargo, provides a Basic Autopilot with a Fair (+2) Drive skill Superb (+5)
Police Interceptor (wheeled) Provides Autopilot with Good (+3) Drive skill and Fair (+2) Security skill (defends against theft) Not available for sale to individuals
Police Cruiser (wheeled) Provides Autopilot with Good (+3) Drive skill and Fair (+2) Security skill (defends against theft) Not available for sale to individuals
Police Troop Transport (wheeled) Carries up to 10 troops. Provides Autopilot with Good (+3) Drive skill and Fair (+2) Security skill (defends against theft) and Fair (+2) Shoot skill using a roof-mounted minigun (Weapon:3) Not available for sale to individuals
TriTech Suppression Gunship Mk XVII (rotor/flying) 1 pilot and 1 gunner. Use character skills for shoot and piloting, weapon systems include a chaingun (Weapon:4) Not available for sale to individuals
TriTech Fast Deployment Vehicle (rotor/flying) Pilot plus 10 troops or 2, 4 or 6 weapon frames, depending on frame size. Not available for individuals.


Armor is a bit more critical. Most characters, well PCs anyway, are going to want some. Armor is handled simply here; when you see an Armor and a number indicated, that armor will absorb that much stress every time you are hit by a physical attack. The notes often mention exactly what the armor is protecting. Armor that doesn't cover all parts of the body can't help against being engulfed in flames or by attackers that do something specific to get around your armor.

Armor Notes Cost (Resources roll)
Armored Jacket Protects the torso and arms. Armor:2 Fair (+2)
Armored Longcoat Protects toro, arms and legs. Armor:2 Good (+3)
Armor Weave Boots Protects feet. Armor:1 Average (+1)
Armor Weave Gloves Protects hands. Armor:1 Average (+1)
Armor Weave Pants Protects legs. Armor:1 Average (+1)
Armor Weave Shirt Protects torso and arms. Armor:1 Average (+1)
Rigid Ballistic Armor Protects all areas. Most often used by elite police and corporate security forces. Armor:3 Great (+4)
Powered Armor See Weaponframes


The unfortunate truth is that there are far more things designed to hurt and kill than there are things designed to defend. You may notice that on average, weapons will do more damage than most armor will absorb, reflecting that at minimum, if a character walks away from being shot, they will still likely carry a bruise.

Any gun uses ammunition. Therefore all guns effectively carry an aspect to that effect. We don't track ammo in Cybershards, but when it feels appropriate, the GM can invoke the implied ammunition aspect to create Auto of Ammo'. This aspect remains until the character takes the time and actions required to replace the ammunition.


Weapon Notes Cost (Resources roll)
Automatic Pistol For example the 9mm Bonn Defender. Grants Weapon:2 Fair (+2)
Heavy Pistol For example, a .44 Magnum, Luxembourg Jackhammer. Weapon:3 Good (+3)
Shotguns Ammo can carry an aspect, such as Flechettes which might be invoked versus unarmored targets or Dragonbreath which might be invoked for fire damage or to place On Fire aspects. Such non-standard ammo opens the weapon for compels such as Melted Barrel. Weapon:3 Fair (+2)
Submachine Gun For example, an H&K MP10, standard issue for SS. Carries the Full Auto aspect that can be invoked to empty the clip at one or more people at once. Targeting more than one person or thing means you must split your Shoot roll, with a minimum of +1 going to each target. Weapon:2 Good (+3)
Submachine Gun, close assault The small size makes it easier to hide but could be less accurate. Otherwise, see above. Weapon:2 Good (+3)
Machine Gun Case A custom-made brief case designed to hide a close assault MP10. The handle conceals the trigger. Fair (+2)
Hunting or Sniping Rifle Such as a .458. Very dangerous weapon. Weapon:3 Great (+4)
Assault Rifle Such as a G7 5.56 mm caseless assault rifle. This item carries the Full Auto aspect. Weapon:3 Standard issue for military. Not available for civilian purchase.
.50 calibre Machine Gun Carries the Full Auto aspect and more rarely has ammo invoked to create Out of Ammo aspects since it is usually belt fed. Not available for civilian purchase.

Miscellaneous Weaponry[edit]

Weapon Notes Cost (Resources roll)
Crossbow Takes a full exchange to reload this thing, but it's very dangerous, built with state of the materials and pulleys. Weapon:3 Good (+3)
Microwave Gun Grants Weapon:2 but only versus characters with cybernetic implants. Great (+4)

Weapon Accessories[edit]

Accessory Notes Cost (Resources roll)
Scope Gain use of the Scope' aspect for a gun or crossbow. It can be invoked when distance is a factor in trying to hit something. Mediocre (+0)
Laser Sight Adds a Laser Sight aspect to a gun or crossbow. Invoke to gain a bonus to attack. Mediocre (+0)

Melee Weapons[edit]

Weapon Notes Cost (Resources roll)
Clubs Grants a Weapon:1 bonus. A club might be anything from a bat, to a police baton to a collapsible asp. Mediocre (+0)
Shock Club This club is electrified and is pretty good at knocking people out. It carries an Electrified aspect that can be invoked once per scene for free. Weapon:1 Average (+1)
Fire Axe The axe is good for fire fighting and people fighting. Weapon:2 Mediocre (+0)
Katana Grants a Weapon:2 bonus. Good (+3)
Knife Grants a Weapon:1 bonus. Covers any knife up to the size of a short sword. Use the Shoot skill if you want to throw a knife. Mediocre (+0)
Razor Knife Has an advanced alloy edge, very expensive and very sharp. Weapon:2 bonus is well deserved. Good (+3)
Razor Sword Has an advanced alloy edge, very expensive, very sharp, and quite long. Weapon:3 Great (+4)
Shuriken The basic shuriken doesn't have a weapon bonus, but is stilled very dangerous in the hands of a skilled thrower. Use the Shoot skill when throwing these weapon. Some shuriken are modified with various kinds of explosives that each work once. The following examples carry an aspect with a single free invocation.
Electric -- invoke Electric on a successful attack to place a Stunned aspect on the target.
Explosive -- invoke Explosive to gain a bonus to attack a group of targets with a few feet of each other.
Flaming -- invoke Flaming on a hit to place an On Fire aspect on the target.
A person can run out of shuriken to throw very quickly -- they are highly susceptible to Auto of Ammo.
Mediocre (+0) or Average (+1) for special shuriken.
Spiked Gloves Grants Weapon:1 Mediocre (+0)
Spiked Gloves, Electrified Grants Weapon:1 and carries an Electrified aspect that can be invoked once for free every scene. Fair (+2)