Prince Rathias Calvus

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Name: Prince Rathias Calvus

Description: Lord Rathias Calvus is a tall, middle-aged man whose black hair is just beginning to grey. He has sharp brown eyes and, in contrast to typical Avonian fashion, keeps a beard, albeit a well-trimmed one. He was born in 465 AR.

Physical Stress: ❑❑❑❑ Mental Stress: ❑❑❑❑


Aspects Skills
Battle Lord and Prince of Rathport +5: Fight, Resources

+4: Athletics, Ride, Shoot
+3: Physique, Rapport, Will
+2: Empathy, Lore, Notice, Provoke

Trouble: Love's Gràinne
Charismatic Leader
Without an heir
Wielder of Spellbreaker


+1 to defense when facing more than one opponent.
One-man Army
Opponents do not gain an advantage against Calvus due to numbers.
Martial Artist
Use Fight to study an opponent as a create an advantage action. If successful, when Calvus invokes the aspect, he gains a +3 instead of a +2 bonus.
Master at Arms
When Calvus succeeds with style on an attack, he gains a full scene aspect with a free invoke instead of just a boost.
When leading others in battle, gain +2 to create an advantage actions using Fight. Must take advantage of a scene or known enemy aspect to get this bonus.
Legionnaire Training
Gain a +2 bonus to any skill rolls appropriate to overcoming and creating an advantage in large units.

Purchased the Feudal Principality of Rathport and put 12 skill points into purchasing The Principality of Rathport.

Gain weapon:2 bonus. Invoke the associated aspect to gain a bonus to defend against magic.
Enchanted Plate Armor
Grants the normal 3 free invokes per session due a set of heavy armor and is susceptible to the usual compels, plus always grants an armor:2 bonus versus physical attack.


Shield. Gain 1 free invoke to add to defend actions against physical attack per scene.

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