Rey Lafitte's House

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Yeah, yeah, yeah. The floors are ugly. But floors are made for walking on and... other things. Those things across from the tub are a washer & dryer (there was no symbol for dryer, so I just used two washers). The door into the kitchen opens out onto a large deck, suitable for a smallish group of friends to hang out on. (There's nothing on the floorplan showing where the water heater, furnace, a/c and so on are, but we'll just pretend the house has all those things. :) The house has no basement or cellar - it's built straight on a concrete slab.

The appliances are newish (about 5 years old) and came with the house. All the furniture was purchased by Rey from thrift shops or discount stores. Rey does have enough dishes for 8 place settings, and uses them - she doesn't like eating off paper or plastic at home.

The room at the front of the house is a kind of sitting room, with a futon in case someone needs a place to crash. There's a wardrobe/dresser that contains some of Mizuko's clothes, plus spare clothes Rey has for anyone who might need them.

Currently, the walls inside the house are painted some ubiquitous shade of white, the kind people paint houses when getting ready to sell them. There are few "homey" or otherwise personal touches to the house. You can't really tell much about her by looking at her stuff. Except, maybe, for the fact she doesn't have a tv.

There's a freestanding car and a half garage, big enough for her Fusion, plus trash barrels and so on.