Rey Lafitte

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Honoré Lafitte


Name: Honoré Lafitte


Physical: ❑❑

Mental: ❑❑❑


Refresh: 3 ( 3 )



Honoré is slender, taller than average and has grown into the beautiful woman she was destined to be. Her strawberry blonde hair hangs like a thick, wavy veil to just past her shoulders. Her body is now lean, with hardly a spare ounce of fat – save for those needed for her womanly curves. Her hazel eyes are rimmed with long, lush eyelashes, and her skin fair, with the hint of a tan. On her back she has scars, evidence of the near fatal attack she suffered the night of her 18th birthday.

Rey has two tattoos: a wolf’s pawprint in the small of her back, and an ornate interwoven vine pattern going from just below her left hip down to her mons. She also has some piercings: ears (single holes), belly button, and clitoral.

She is 25, 5’7″ tall and 145 lbs. She’s caucasian, born and raised in New Orleans, and she has a New Orleans accent, though she can hide it if needed.


Rey’s body is a pale petal pink with blood red wood grain, with swirling moss where her tattoos were, and the scars on her back became thick variations of wood grain. Around and through her soft limbs are wound blackberry brambles, kousa dogwood, and rare fey flowering vines, turning her into a topiary of flowers and fruit. Her hair is bone white spanish moss with exotic fae flowers blossoming in it. Her eyes are slightly larger than normal and the color of wolfsbane, and her lips were the color of ripe berries, begging to be devoured. Her fingernails and toenails were the dark purple of nightshade, the same color all her thorns were tipped with. Little will o’s wisps dart out from her hair and brambles, sometimes hovering, sometimes chasing around and through her body. After a while, they race away, as if seeking something. If you look at one of the wisps close enough, you just might see a face in it…

“You look ravishing, beautiful, a terrible dryad, a temptress of the night. It is with my deepest appreciation that I offer you my arm.” (Richard)


HC: Fair One Dryad of the Seelie Court

Origin: The Blood of Wolves Is In My Veins

Seven Echoes On My Spirit Path

She’s Got a Seductive Scent

Queen Mac and her Army

Chasing Fire's Marked Mate

Role: The Lady Sage, Guardian of the Sage’s Gate


Superb (+5): Glory
Great (+4): Investigate, Occult, Rapport
Good (+3): Empathy, Glamour, Seelie Magic
Fair (+2): Brawl, Craft, Resources, Will
Avg (+1): Academics, Athletics, Beast Kin, Necromancy, Notice, Provoke


Lethal Mein (Beast)
Parts of your body not normally capable of causing damage now can, or sharpens whatever natural weapons you may already have. The Mask hides it from mortals, but they are always there. They provide a +2 bonus to stress done in a successful attack during close combat. For Rey, this makes her vines and brambles capable of causing damage, and explains her retractable claws and razor-sharp teeth. This stunt works all the time, so it would also apply in her wolf form, though she does not have her vines and brambles.
Magic Weaver (Occult)
You can use Occult rather than Craft when fashioning magic items.
Majesty of the Fae (Glory)
You can use Glory to defend against any attack until someone manages to do stress to your character. After that, you must use other skills to defend.
Shape of the Beast (Beast Kin)
For a Fate Point, take on the form of your affinity animal, including a natural abilities and limitations of that animal. You can maintain the Shape of the Beast for as long as you wish, returning to your normal form at will. Using this power also causes the Mask to dissipate, so wise fae choose an animal form for which they have affinity and that is also plausible to the mortal eye. Rey’s affinity animal is a wolf.
Strength From Determination
Use Will instead of Physique on any overcome rolls representing feats of strength.
Terrible Beauty (Glory)
Spend a Fate point to lower the Mask and use Glory to frighten all onlookers. You need not split your total; all characters must resist your roll separately with a Will roll, or accept a Terrified of Rey aspect. Aspects placed remain in effect for the rest of the scene, or until the situation changes, whichever comes first.
The Power of Seemings (Glamour)
Spend a Fate Point to create something out of nothing or even alter reality for a time. Things created from whole cloth cannot be complex items or living things.


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