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Name: Rose, Warren's Bound Servant

Description: (Used to be Gillian Rose, but the Gillian personality was drowned in the passion and lust of the Rose personality, thanks to Warren’s “nurturing”.)

Apparently in her twenties, Rose never hesitates to let her hair down and be wild for a while. She is beautiful but also resourceful and smart.

Physical Stress: ❑❑ Mental Stress: ❑❑


Aspects Skills
High Concept: Consigliere to a Vampire Lord +3: Academics, Occult, Rapport; +2: Deceive, Notice, Shoot; +1: Athletics, Empathy, Melee
Trouble: A Slave to Her Own Desires (Glutton)
Bound to Warren Brody


Striking Looks
(Rapport. New.) - +2 bonus to Rapport where good looks can come into play.
Fast Reflexes
(Notice. New.) - +2 to Notice for the purpose of determining initiative.

Vampire Stunts

Supernatural Strength
Spend 1 physical stress to gain +2 to Physique rolls to break stuff. Gain Weapon:2 in Brawl attack or +2 to bonuses from melee weapons. Lasts the scene.
(Rapport) Use Rapport to entrance someone into doing things for you, all the while thinking it was their own idea.

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian


Pistol (Weapon:2) Small SMG (Weapon:2; Autofire) Kevlar Vest (Armor:1)

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