Royal Space

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Map of Royal Space[edit]

Light Blue represents area chiefly controlled by the Human Royal Hegemony. It is divided roughly into four Quadrants.

Red represents the Red Corridor, which is controlled by the Royal Hegemony but is mostly uninhabited. Gets its name from an unusual concentration of red stars.

Dark Grey represents the Annular Necrocracy, an economic powerhouse run by lich kings.

Green represents the Elven Celestial Realms.

Purple represents the Dwarven Sectors.

Pink represents the Neutral Zone between Elf and Dwarf sectors.

Yellow represents the Goblin Sea.

Orange represents the Klehnaki Exculsionary Zone, a collection of Orc-only sectors.

The Black dots in Quadrant ß represent a massive asteroid field called the Devastation of the God Wyrms.