Russel Blackblood

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Name: Russel Blackblood


Physical: ❑❑❑

Mental: ❑❑


Refresh: 1 ( 1 )



HC: A Primal Were-cat and Mechanic

Origin: Mysterious Parentage - Why Does Everyone Think I’m a Werewolf?

Connected to Underworld Crime

I Know When to Say “When”… Usually

Sucker for a Pretty Face


Superb (+5): Brawl
Great (+4): Crafts, Stealth
Good (+3): Burglary, Drive, Rapport
Fair (+2): Deceive, Occult*, Notice, Resources
Avg (+1): Athletics, Contacts, Physique, Provoke


Shift at will. Skills become +5: Brawl; +4: Athletics, Stealth; +3 Empathy, Notice, Physique; +2 and +1: everything else. Physical stress becomes ❑❑❑❑. Take a consequence, Physically Drained, upon changing back to human form.
Supernatural Grace
(Athletics)- +2 on actions where balance counts.
Gain Weapon:2 in animal form.
Shifter Regeneration
Reduce the severity of a physical consequence one step, but gain Exhausted aspect, which prevents further regeneration without spending Fate. This stunt is always available in beast form; human form can access it at a cost of 1 mental stress.
(Deceive) Gain a +2 bonus to use shape-shifting with Deceive to mimic another person by growing a new skin. It will also alter size and shape, but not eye color and orifices.
Partial Change
(Physique) You are able to partially shift. This allows you to make a Physique roll to place aspects that resemble your animal form upon yourself in order to gain benefits. For example, use Partial Change to grow cat-like ears to hear better, or to grow claws so you can use Claws in human form.
Shadow Flesh
(Stealth) Use Stealth to draw upon shadows. This grants a +2 to Stealth rolls to avoid being seen. Pay a Fate point in order to transform your body into shadows and gain the Body of Shadow aspect. This aspect means you cannot be affected by physical attack, but nor can you physically affect the physical world. The aspect lasts until the situation changes or you drop the use of this power.


Occult Skill Notes
This skill is used for very specific therianthrope rites that create advantages or summon spirits.

Overcome. Use Occult to call a lesser spirit (nameless character). The rite takes 15 minutes and can summon an Average, Fair, or Good level nameless character. It may also be used to summon a specific human. This takes half an hour and requires an Occult roll versus the human’s Will. Does not work on supernaturals.
Create an Advantage. Use Occult for a Rite of Dedication. This takes a few minutes and then places a Dedicated Clothing aspect. So long as this aspect persists, any clothes worn by the shape-shifter is preserved instead of destroyed when shifting from human to animal form.
Attack. This skill can’t be used to attack.
Defend. Nor defend.

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