SG: Appendix: Dials

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General Campaign Dials
Number of Aspects 5
Number of Phases 3
Skill cap Great (+4) for Standard Game, Superb (+5) for Experienced Game
Skill Pyramid Use skill pyramid for character creation.
Refresh rate 3
Initial Stunts 3 for Standard Game, 5 for Experienced Game
Stress Tracks Mental and Physical
Default Stress Boxes 2
Default Consequences 2/4/6 +Extreme (8) possible.

Academics Crafts Melee Rapport
Athletics Deceive Notice Resources
Brawl Drive Occult Shoot
Burglary Empathy Physique Stealth
Contacts Investigate Provoke Will


  • Fae magic skills and stunts
  • Spellslinger magic skills
  • Therianthrope stunts
  • Vampire skills and stunts

Options in Use

Check those that apply to your campaign.


❑ True Names


❑ Primal Offspring

Therianthrope Vulnerabilities

❑ Silver

❑ Cold Iron


❑ Predator Aggression

❑ Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

❑ Limited Spells

❑ Feeding from Vampires

Vampire Weaknesses

❑ Special Fire and Sunlight Damage

❑ Garlic

❑ Holy Symbols

❑ No Reflection

❑ Silver


❑ Cinematic Combat

❑ Aspected Weaponry