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What happens when something dramatic occurs between powerful supernatural characters that might, in story, cause a change to the character's high concept. For example, what if a witch dies and is brought back as a vampire? What happens if a Feral bites a supernatural character? Can a character who is not fae become one after being captured and taken to Faerie, or by making some kind of deal with one of the Fae?

The rule is that there is no really firm rule. We encourage you to consider these things and simply be consistent. Go with what feels dramatically appropriate for your game. If you imagine a hybrid vampire-werewolf might be particularly interesting and rare, you could allow the character to adjust their high concept to reflect the unique being they have become.

If the GM approves, you can instead trade in supernatural skills and stunts for something similar which the supernatural character type your character is becoming might wield instead.

We have provided a guide below as to what makes sense in most Shadowgate games. This is only a rough guide.

Original Supernatural Type Can Be Made Into By
any mortal spellslinger Because spellcraft is an innately human thing in Shadowgate, and other supers have their own forms of magic anyway, it doesn't make sense that a supernatural creature could become a spellslinger. A normal mortal character just might awaken one day, or perhaps after years of study, to become a spellslinger, but that's the only kind of transformation that fits becoming a spellslinger.
fae therianthrope, vampire It probably doesn't make sense for a fae to be a therianthrope; yet plenty of fae characters might be shape shifters. In this sense primal therianthropes and fae could be very close cousins already. Yet, in your game it might make sense that fae characters could contract the Feral disease. If the fae is unseelie, perhaps the fae character could be made even more monstrous should it be also turned into one of the three vampire types!
spellslinger vampire, therianthrope, fae Because spellslingers are mortal, they could conceivably be transformed into a vampire, therianthrope, or fae by any method that works on a mortal.
therianthrope fae, vampire Shifters and fae characters are close cousins to start with in Shadowgate. So there could conceivably be overlap here, especially if the therianthrope spends time in Faerie, or is kidnapped and brought to Faerie. A therianthrope might become a vampire only if it makes a lot of sense in the game for it to happen. Most likely, they will lose or trade in most of their powers or therianthrope stunts for vampire powers and stunts.
vampire nothing else Because a vampire is dead, it may not be possible to transform them into something living. They are what they are, eternal and unchanging (but probably growing more powerful in time).

Characters that become hybrids of some sort might be interesting to play, if allowed in your game. They might have particular social challengers due to appearance or perhaps your mere existence is taboo to the societies that spawned you! You might herald a new evolution of supernatural being that is feared or perhaps your line is a dead-end and cannot be passed on. You might be unique, a freak of (un)nature or the victim of an inhuman experiment that was never supposed to survive. The story possibilities are nearly endless!

Option: With Great Power Comes Great Sacrifice[edit]

Let's say your character needs powerful stunts or becomes a hybrid of some kind. The GM says okay, so you buy a bunch of stunts or whatever you need in order to become the vampire-mage (for example) the story has made you. If this drops your Refresh to 0 or less, that's fine. You can still play the character for the rest of the scene. But then the GM takes over and the character becomes an NPC.

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