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Court Magic Examples[edit]

As mentioned in the definitions section, the fae are generally divided in two broad categories. Those of the Unseelie Court and those of the Seelie Court. These two courts are typically associated with concepts of unfair or fair, Winter or Summer. Some fae draw upon the general power of their court in place of or in addition to other fae powers. If fae indicate court affiliation in an aspect, they are eligible to call upon one of the fae powers below.

No fae may ever be affiliated with both the Seelie and Unseelie courts. Therefore, no fae may ever possess both Seelie and Unseelie magic. This rule applies even to Sidhe Lords.

Some games may employ more courts. The same rule applies; no fae may belong to more than one court. If needed, more Court Magic can be created to reflect the magic of any other courts you define for your Shadowgate game.

Seelie Magic[edit]

Requires a Seelie or Summer Court aspect.

This type of magic reflects warmth, renewal, birth and growth, and the natural world. As court magic, this power flows from the Queen or King of the Seelie Court down through the members of this court. Although this power can be used in countless ways to both harm and help, a wise fae knows that his monarch is always aware of the use of this power.

Possession of this power means the monarch or their proxies (in the form of the appointed fae noble in charge of your character’s local area) can compel your court aspect when enforcing their will. A monarch, if somehow your character managed to gain his or her attention, is capable of withholding access to this magic if the monarch wills it so. In practice, however, this almost never happens.

Overcome: Use Seelie Magic to provide warmth where it’s cold, to promote growth where there is withering, to refresh where there is weariness.
Create an Advantage: Place aspects such as Vigor of Youth, Fertile or Warmed Up. You can also use Seelie Magic to use things in nature such as plants to create aspects to place barriers, grasp a foe, or hide you.
Attack: Use Seelie Magic to cast spells that cause natural vegetation to attack, cause disease to flourish, or use the warming power of Summer to dehydrate or cause heat exhaustion or heat stroke.
Defend: Seelie Magic makes a good defense against Unseelie Magic, but not so much for other attacks.

Example Stunts

Burning Grasp of Summer’s Wrath. The character’s touch (use Brawl to connect during combat) causes sun burns of the worst sort. Blistered skin, illness, even heat stroke may result. In game terms, the character inflicts +2 bonus stress upon a successful Brawl attack (Weapon:2).

Unseelie Magic[edit]

Requires an Unseelie or Winter Court aspect.

Unseelie magic reflects cold, death, darkness, and the cruel side of nature. Like Seelie magic, this magic flows from the Queen or King of the Unseelie Court down to the members of this court. It is quite possible that an Unseelie monarch is not fae, but a Sidhe Lord. Unseelie magic can be used to harm or help, but is far more often used for destructive purposes.

The monarch or their appointed proxies in the form of a duly selected fae noble that reigns over a locality can compel fae with this court aspect when enforcing his or her will. A monarch, should your character have the extreme misfortune of attracting this dire attention, is capable of cutting off the character from Unseelie Magic at the monarch’s will.

The Unseelie Court tends to be larger, by far, than the Seelie Court, and practitioners of Unseelie Magic far more numerous. However, a sort of balance is held due to the fact there is also far more infighting within the ranks of the Unseelie.

Overcome: Use Unseelie Magic to drain warmth, wither plants, and overcome aspects having to do with the vibrancy of life.
Create an Advantage: Place aspects such as Chill of the Grave, Withered, or Frozen Pallor. You can also use Unseelie Magic to make use of the cruel side of nature in the form of influencing poisonous plants and venomous animals to place barriers.
Attack: Use Unseelie Magic to inflict cold damage such as frostbite, damage vegetation, and to put someone to Eternal Sleep. Doing so is a mental attack where, if a Taken Out condition is won, the victim falls asleep and can only awaken upon satisfying a condition the fae determines.
Defend: Use Unseelie Magic to defend against Seelie Magic.

Example Stunts

Ice Armor. Activate your armor by rolling your Unseelie Magic against a Fair (+2) difficulty. Success grants you a special Ice Armor aspect. Not only can it be invoked for a boost to defense, Ice Armor grants the fae the ability to absorb two stress off any successful physical attack (Armor:2), save for attacks made with cold iron. Ice Armor lasts until the end of the scene, or until it is dispelled or countered using Seelie Magic. The character may actively defend against attempts to dispel it.

This armor does not add to any other armor the character may already have in place. Use the higher of this armor or whatever the character already has.

Other Stunts for Fae Magic[edit]

Stunts that don’t rely on any of the magic skills above are possible. Look to your character’s description and see in what ways your fae aspects can be invoked. Often, the GM will allow a stunt to be purchased that will allow your character access to a special ability without spending Fate points, so long as the scope of the stunt is limited.

Also note that the stunts provided with the fae skills above are simply examples. You should feel free to make up others, with the GM’s approval before you purchase it, of course.

Other Fae Magic[edit]

Other powers are possible. They should have a requirement that unlocks them, something a fae character must have in an aspect in order to access the power because when the fae touch magic, it touches them right back. Use the above as examples when designing your new magic.

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