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The fae are defined first by aspects, and second by their abilities. All fae characters should take a High Concept that describes what kind of fae they most resemble. This may be much like a fairy strait out of folklore or fae-like being from mythology around the world. You can choose to mix fae to create something a little or a lot different as well. The transformation of the character from human to fae can be a very unique event, or it might be something more common.

For example, your character might have been kidnapped as a child by a goblin king and made a fae prince before seeing a mortal by chance one day and realizing that you once had human parents. Your character might return to the Mainland to seek out your true parents.

Or, perhaps your character is the child of a lonely siren who lured a sailor to her but instead of letting him drown, took him as her mate for a time. Your character might remember your father and out of curiosity find her way to the Mainland to explore your human heritage.

Templates are included below to help you define your fae character.

Option: True Names[edit]

Some players will choose to use an aspect to define the character’s true name. This can be useful should you wish to invoke the character’s true name to add power to her actions. This is an option, but some GMs may require this.

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