SG: Creating Vampire Characters

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Vampires are created like other supernatural character in the Shadowgate setting. Origin aspects and stories are especially important to describe the vampire’s life before he or she was turned.

Origin Story[edit]

Vampire characters all started out as human, a mortal. All types of vampires have a story how they lost their lives and how they rose again to become a vampire. Some vampires, such as the Draugar, rose again because their deaths were unjust. Others might have been cursed. The Aristos create their own kind using a mortal and a sacrifice of their own blood.

Jot down a few notes about who your character was before she arose to become a vampire. Take a look at these notes and see what aspect might result. It should describe a personality trait, a weakness that contributed to your character becoming a vampire. Was it the lure of power offered by another? Was he or she seduced into a romantic notion of living forever with the object of their desire? Was he cursed to become a monster for a transgression? Was she wronged in life and now is determined to get revenge?

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