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The magic of the fae reflects what they are. Fae can possess magic and use it for effects that match their description and aspects.

For example, a water nymph could use magic that uses, manipulates, or creates water, but could not directly manipulate or create fire without some special reason provided.

A fair one might use glamours to enhance her appearance, influence emotions, or manipulate others, but it wouldn’t make sense for her to have magic that allowed her to command trees to march on her enemies without special mention in an aspect and description.

Some powers are common to all fae characters because they represent basic elements of being fae. These are listed first.

Actions used in conjunction with fae magic work a little bit differently than Fate Core actions.

Overcome. If the fae character ties on an overcome roll, the minor cost she may pay in order for her magic to work is that the GM gains a Fate point at the end of the scene that he may use on behalf of his NPCs. If it goes the other way around and it is an NPC that ties an overcome roll, and that roll is actively being resisted by a PC, the GM can pay a minor cost to succeed by giving the PC a Fate point at the end of the current scene. These points come from Fate itself; the PC doesn’t give up one of his his own Fate points, nor do NPCs give up their Fate point. This is destiny itself balancing the scales when fae abuse their power to influence the way things were meant to be.

If a PC fails a roll but wishes to have success anyway, a significant cost is incurred. The PC must accept a consequence and the GM gets a Fate point for his NPCs.

Create an Advantage. If a PC fails in creating an advantage but wants success anyway, she can have it if the GM gains a Fate point for his NPCs.

Attack. No extra cost is incurred when using Fae Magic to attack but failing.

Defend. If any character succeeds with style against the use of Fae Magic, not only to they get the usual boost, they may take a Fate point from the pool. At the end of the scene, this is added to the character’s Fate points. This reflects the fact that, at that moment, destiny was on the character’s side!

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