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Notes on Faerie[edit]

Treat the “nearest” land of Faerie like an alternate version of the Mainland campaign, warped and twisted. Other lands of Faerie exist like islands in the mist — you know they are out there, but you need a guide or a map of some kind to find them.

The local Faerie Realm may have been abandoned by its Sidhe Lords and Ladies and be in the midst of a power struggle among the fae. It may be dominated by trooping fae that have banded together to drive out the Sidhe, then supplanted them by installing their own archaic and tyrannical systems of creating order. If the Sidhe remain, they may rule from the seats of powerful Seelie and Unseelie courts.

Fae View of Humanity[edit]

Avoid notice. The Mask protects the fae for they are vulnerable to the masses. Confinement or banishment by mortals is a fate worse than death to the fae. When confined, they are surround by iron, weakened and often in pain. Fae confined by iron cannot put earned Fate into their pool to spend because they cannot soak in the emotions of others past the cold iron. When banished to Faerie, they lose access to the precious mortals they depend upon.

Humans attack and kill what they fear. The fae are not invulnerable. It only takes a few humans working together to kill one of the fae. The fae must never allow that to happen, and if any prey openly upon humans, other fae must step in to put a stop to it before the mortals rise against them again.

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