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The fae are bound to their word — if you can get them to give their word, of course. Likewise, they expect the same of humans. Should one of the fae be forced to break a promise, that fae becomes vulnerable to the other party. An aspect the fae possesses must be changed to reflect the broken promise and to whom the promise was made. That person then has power over the fae. The new aspect can be compelled any time the person the fae owes issues them an order, and no Fate point need be spent. Therefore, fae are very careful in who they make a promise to, if they ever do. Should a lucky mortal ever snare a fae into a promise beware they will often follow the letter of the promise but not the spirit.

However, humans tend to view promises more loosely. This usually ends with a human practically enslaved to one of the fae, for this gives the fae the same power over the oath-breaking mortal as it would have given the mortal power over the fae oath-breaker. A mortal oath-breaker must also alter an aspect to reflect the broken promise, and this can be compelled at any time by the fae without expenditure of a Fate point.

Unseelie will often keep the terms of the promise a secret from the hapless mortal specifically so that the mortal might break it and give them power over the mortal.

A promise, if it is important enough, might merit altering an aspect, as well. For example, if there arises a queen or king among the fae, they usually cement their power by forcing all other fae to make a promise of obedience. Of course most fae will find ways to avoid breaking the promise while still getting away with things, but even so, such powerful promises are often added to Aspects. These promise aspects can be invoked by the promiser fae if desired, or compelled for a Fate point, as the situation merits.

Making a promise on a true name is even more dire. For a fae, breaking such a promise strips them of their powers, possibly even memory of who they are. The name ceases to exist. For a mortal, swearing up his birth name means that if the promise is broken, they suddenly disappear from the system. No regards of birth, identification, credit cards; everything in their name will disappear. In fact, even friends and family will begin to forget the character existed. In one turn of the moon, the world forgets those mortals with no name.

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