SG: Life from Death

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Vampires can survive being Taken Out if the majority of his or her body remains. Exceptions include being beheaded or staked. They can’t recover unless the head is rejoined with the body. Staking, be it through the heart, mouth or other location in head or torso after they are Taken Out will prevent recovery as well, until the stake is removed.

The only sure way of doing away with a vampire is to destroy a majority of its body. This might mean fire or being worked through a wood chipper, or being eaten by something worse.

That said, nameless vampire characters shouldn’t be nearly so difficult to do away with. Even vampire supporting characters shouldn’t be hard to permanently destroy. Save the above rule for PCs and main NPCs. For supporting npcs and nameless npcs, consider flashy demises when they are Taken Out such as the vampire burning up to ashes in a flash if fiery light, or a bloody explosion leaving bits everywhere.

To recover, a vampire merely needs time. Typically they will rise again the following sunset, unless beheaded or staked. However, if they do rise they still retain whatever consequences they had before they were Taken Out and must heal them normally.

Staking and/or beheading a vampire prevents recovery or any physical activity. However, many vampires are still not helpless! Mental stress will disappear at the end of the scene and this means vampires with abilities that rely on mental faculties might still be used. This could potentially allow a vampire to lure or trick someone into providing what it needs to recover, be it removal of the stake, replacement of his head, or donations of blood.

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