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This is about perceiving what others cannot, perhaps even into realms unseen by mortal eyes. Although these stunts are packaged under the heading of Clairvoyance, they are used in conjunction with Empathy, Investigation, Notice, or Rapport skills. This does not mean the stunts are available to everyone. These are supernatural abilities that are can be learned only by vampires. The skill following the stunt is the skill under which it falls.

Example Stunts

Aura Perception
(Empathy). This power allows you to make an Empathy roll to “see” auras. This works much like Empathy normally works, but allows the character to also determine whether the subject is a supernatural being. If, however, the supernatural being has a power or built-in ability to appear normal, then this roll is resisted by the target’s Deceive skill, or the skill of an appropriate power, if any.
Heighten Senses
(Notice or Investigation). You can focus to lend supernatural concentration to one of your senses. When you pay one mental stress, you may gain a +3 bonus to the next Notice or Investigation roll that uses one sense. You can ignore penalties or obstacles if the scene is dark, but not in total darkness and this benefit does not require any expenditure of stress.
Telepathic Transmission
(Rapport). Requires Aura Perception. There is no cost to use this power with a mortal, but telepathic contact with another supernatural being requires you to check off one mental stress box each time you wish to deliver a message or sift through his mind for information. Using this power against supernatural beings is costly! Mortals, however, are not so lucky. A vampire can continue mental contact as long as they concentrate and use this stunt. This allows the use of Rapport to glean information from a subject. It can be resisted by Will.



The vampire can exert her force of personality or will over other beings. A vampire use domination to intimidate or cajole others into doing what he commands. This does require the vampire to speak aloud (unless the vampire his Telepathic Transmission detailed above) and the victim must be able to see and hear the vampire. Victims can resist using Will.

Domination can be used to enslave other beings, as well. To do so, the dominator uses this power with demands for the target to obey and serve. Success means stress is done to the target’s mental stress track. If the target is Taken Out, she becomes the dominator’s slave or servant. Or, the dominator can choose to edit the victim’s memories, perhaps rewriting an aspect. As with any Taken Out result, the victor gets to determine what happens to the victim, so long as it makes sense for the situation. This result is permanent unless treated by a psychiatrist or the psyche of the victim might be repaired by other supernatural powers that can affect the mind, including Domination. Even so, the victim is likely to have already suffered changes to one or more of his or her permanent aspects. If the victim concedes, then the victor and victim should agree upon the conditions of the result, perhaps placing some limits on what the victor will do to the victim, and how long the effects last. When a PC is the victim, the GM should always be open to reasonable concessions.

Servants created through Domination should be described with aspects. If it’s a group of servants, they would be considered allies of nameless level and treated as a group. If it’s an especially talented individual, an aspect should be spent to describe them, and they can in turn be described as a supporting character. As a rule, one aspect should be devoted to each supporting character that is a servant, and one aspect devoted to each group of nameless servants.

Overcome: Use Domination to temporarily overcome the commands or programming in a target that another dominator has implanted.
Create an Advantage: The simplest use, and easiest by far, is to use Domination to place aspects on targets. Targets resist using Will.
Attack: A full-on psychic assault can be used with the intent of enslaving the victim or rewriting memories, should a Taken Out result be achieved.
Defend: Domination might be used to defend against another supernatural mental attack.

Example Stunts

You gain +2 to Domination uses against animals.
Master Manipulator
You gain +2 to Domination attempts to create an advantage actions.
Requires Riding Herd. To use Possession, you must gain a Taken Out result against a victim (unless the target offers a concession) enabling you to possess their body. The target may be animal or mortal, but not supernatural in nature. Then, spend a point of mental stress for each scene in which you retain control of the victim.
Riding Herd
You can place a Riding Herd aspect upon your target with a successful create an advantage roll against their Will defense. Pay one point of mental stress for each scene you ride herd on your target. This enables you to experience everything the target does, though it does not reveal their thoughts or control their actions.


Mesmerism describes a vampire’s force of personality in supernatural terms. These stunts enhance social skills such as Rapport. This category of power is often quite subtle — and effective. Knowledge of these powers is often closely guarded.

Example Stunts

(Rapport). This stunt allows a vampire to exert a greater level over control over an individual. The way Rapport is used to charm or inspire someone to do what you want is the same, but the degree of control is greater, for the individual will believe it was entirely their own idea to serve the vampire’s interests for the rest of the scene. In fact, they will justify whatever they did to themselves later, never believing the vampire manipulated them. Use of this stunt can’t force someone into a suicidal situation, unless they are already inclined toward suicide to begin with. The feeling, at the time of being Mesmerized, is very like being in love with the vampire. Using this stunt on a supernatural creature requires marking off one mental stress box; mortals aren’t so difficult to influence for a vampire.
Roll Rapport versus the target’s Will or Rapport. Success means you place the special Mesmerized aspect on them and they act accordingly. The aspect is immediately removed if the vampire attacks them or asks them to do something completely against their nature.
Inexorable Summons
(Rapport). Requires Mesmerize. This stunt allows the vampire to summon one individual whom he has previously Mesmerized. It does not require a verbal command or for the target to see or hear the vampire. The target need not have been recently Mesmerized, either. Mark off a mental stress box, then roll your Rapport versus the target’s Will. Either way, the target realizes the vampire desires her presence. If the vampire succeeds in this contest, then the target will find her way to the vampire without delay and using whatever means of travel is available to her, nor will the target question the motivations of the summoning vampire.
Glorious Majesty
(Rapport). Mark off a mental stress box to gain a special Glorious Majesty aspect. For the rest of the scene, or until your character initiates an attack of some kind, anyone wishing to attack your character for any reason must first succeed in a Will roll resisted by your Rapport skill. If you attack someone, or are successfully attacked, Glorious Majesty immediately disappears.

Predator’s Camouflage[edit]

This special set of stunts are used by vampires to conceal or hide by tapping into their nature. Like all vampire powers, stunts gathered under the Predator’s Camouflage category cannot be purchased by non-vampires.

Example Stunts

Forgotten Pocket
(Stealth). Hide a single item you can hold in your hand somewhere about your person, then mark off one mental stress box. This item will not be found by anyone making a general search. Individuals searching specifically for that item will still need to succeed at an Investigation roll versus your Stealth roll.
Mask of Humanity
(Deceive). Abilities that can reveal your true supernatural nature always show you to be mortal. When an ability to detect you as a supernatural being is used against you, you can resist with Deceive to hide your true nature. You can choose to shut off this power, if desired. Nosferatu with this power can avoid compels that would otherwise force his true nature to burst through his skin when vampire powers are used.
Shadow Cloak
(Stealth). Mark off a mental stress box, and gain the Cloak of Night boost. While you are cloaked, no one can attack or create advantages on you unless they have succeeded on a Notice roll to overcome your Stealth skill roll. Once you use the boost, it goes away and you are revealed.


This category includes supernatural stunts that can be used by vampires in conjunction with the Provoke skill. Some vampires will use Provoke to attack humans directly, terrifying them into submission. Sometimes this entails placing aspects that inhibit their ability to defend themselves and other times it entails using the attack action with the intent that taking out the victim will leave a victim emotionally at the mercy of the vampire. Vampires, however, aren’t the only monsters that lurk in the night. This technique is used by a variety of supernatural creatures.

Example Stunts

Armor of Fear
(Provoke). As per the stunt in Fate Core. It is mentioned here because this stunt tends to be popular among vampires.
Scary Face
(Provoke). Whether it’s a grimace and hiss or you vamp out showing fangs and all, you are capable of putting on a pretty scary “game face”. Add +2 to Provoke rolls to frighten.

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