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Your gaming table can decide vampires have any number of other weaknesses. The two discussed above are merely the most common.

Special Fire and Sunlight Damage[edit]

If you would like to portray fire and sunlight as being especially damaging to vampires, consider making any consequence caused by fire or sunlight twice as difficult to heal. This means double the feeding rolls and double the time it takes to recover.


If it is decided that vampires are repulsed by garlic, you can use it like an aspect to provide a bonus on Provoke actions to repel a vampire.

Holy Symbols[edit]

If faith is a factor in your game, having a holy symbol allows a contest of Wills. If the vampire wins, she may remove the aspect in some colorful and likely destructive way. If the one using the symbol wins, she can inflict mental stress. Many vampires will offer a concession to flee rather than end up with lasting mental consequences.

No Reflection[edit]

Some legends have it that vampires do not appear in mirrors or video cameras. Using this option means the vampire aspect can be compelled to bring unwanted attention when someone notices the lack — or it might be invoked by a creative vampire attempting to use this to his advantage.


Some settings determine that silver is especially effective against vampires. Consider its use like an aspect. If used to harm, the aspect can be used for bonus damage. If used to restrain, then the aspect can act as a bonus to a grapple or other restraining action. You may also decide that a vampire’s special healing ability does not work for damage caused by silver; consequences taken to absorb stress done by silvered weapons would be healed using the normal rules in Fate Core.

Daily Feeding[edit]

Vampires usually have a pretty stressful existence. Since stress is only cleared by feeding, that keeps them hungry and looking for their next meal. However, some games may want to put additional pressure on vampire characters. With this option, a vampire takes 1 point of Mental or Physical stress (player choice) every evening when they awaken. Thus even vampires with an idyllic lifestyle will eventually need to feed or suffer consequences or perhaps even fall into an immobile, unresponsive state when they are Taken Out.

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