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It’s possible to identify groups of supernaturals and those that oppose them, even if they are other supers, as organizations that can be represented similar to the way characters are. PCs might even lead some organizations. If the nature of your story is such that interactions of organizations are an important part of the story, you might consider creating them as they develop in play by providing them with aspects, approaches (instead of skills), stunts and stress tracks.


To start, you should create a “high concept” for an organization that reflects it’s purpose. You might also include how it’s put together and funded. The second aspect is the trouble; it should reflect what difficulties or foes it faces.


Next an organization needs to describe the way it tends to solve problems by taking the six approaches listed below and organizing them. Place one approach at Good (+3), one approach at Fair (+2), two at Average (+1), one at Mediocre (+0) and one approach should be rated Poor (-1).

Academic. This represents an intelligent, perhaps scientific approach to resolving problems. It might come from implementing gadgets or simply by thinking things through very carefully.

Aggressive. An organization using an aggressive approach to a problem is likely sending military, police, security, mercenaries, or other physically forceful problem solvers.

Covert. This describes an organization’s use of subtle means to solve problems.

Financial. Financial approaches to problems reflect an organization’s use of its resources to bribe, buy or sue problems out of existence.

Occult. Use of the occult means the organization has access to and is using occult lore, rituals, or straight up magical power to resolve problems.

Political. Organizations using a political approach use political savvy, connections, or even blackmail to outmaneuver and eliminate problems.


Stunts can be purchased in the same was as they are bought in Fate Accelerated Edition. No special rules here. Fate Core stunts, of course, can and should be used to provide inspiration.


Organizations have 3 stress boxes. There is no differentiation between Mental and Physical stress; it’s just Organization Stress.

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