SG: Spending and Recovering Fate Points

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Non-mortal Interactions
In games where fae might interact with other supernatural characters, note that these do not count in terms of gaining the use of new Fate points. They do not fit the definition of mortal.
Gifts for the Fae
Some mortals still know of the old ways and, when aware of the presence of faeries, will offer gives of food such as milk, butter, honey, and biscuits. This also counts as interaction enough for fae characters to recover Fate points. What the gift is matters less than the acknowledgement of the fae.

The fae have been touched by Fairy and changed by it. Fate points have a vital role in all Fate games but for fae characters, this is felt even more acutely, for Fate points are likely to flow around the table even more often than a normal Fate game.

The fae exist beyond the reach of destiny. Their fates, so to speak, were sealed when they realized the only escape for them was to become fae and leave their humanity behind. This means, in game terms, that only gain use newly received Fate points when in the presence of mortals. Humanity, you see, still has a destiny. They live it with every breath. Their potential is limitless in life. So long as they do live, everything a mortal touches has the potential to be changed.

This is not so for the fae. Those among the fae that still crave the freedom of choice must associate with mortals.

Specifically, fae characters can spend Fate points like any other character. However, if they are in Fairy, they cannot use new Fate points earned until they bask in the presence of an emotionally charged mortal. While your fae character is in Fairy, place any new or earned Fate points in a separate pile from the Fate points you are currently spending. You cannot join your new Fate points to your spending pile until you have spent a scene interacting with a human in some way that allows your character to observe or even share an emotion with the mortal. This may take place in either the Mainland or in Fairy — where does not matter so long as a mortal is present.

Incidentally, the same rule is true for the Sidhe Lords. This may explain why they are fond of kidnapping and subsequently tormenting mortals until they transform into fae and are cast aside, enslaved, or escape, whereupon the Sidhe Lord goes in search of a new mortal.

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