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Any vampire can purchase one of the powers below. Some vampires might gravitate toward certain skills because their aspects might grant them a particular advantage in doing so, but there is no mechanical limitation. Consensus at your gaming table may determine that there are some restrictions, however. It makes sense in some settings that these powers must be taught, or that only certain powers can be learned “instinctively”. Special bloodlines might even be defined that have access to special skills and stunts that are kept secret from anyone not of their own lineage. Creating such abilities should be simple; you can use the skills and stunts of this section as examples you can follow in creating others. It’s even possible to take direct inspiration from other vampire games and easily translate them here. See the Vampire Powers Appendix for an example.

The Price of Power[edit]

Many of the following stunts have a special cost. This may be marking off a mental or physical stress box, depending on the power. Where the cost is described as being physical or mental stress, it is left to the player to decide which type of stress box they must mark off. If you have no stress boxes left, you can still pay the price by taking a consequence. No vampire skill may be used at a Mediocre (+0) level. At least one skill point must be spent on a vampire skill in order to use it.

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