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Weapons and Weapon Ratings[edit]

Weapons can inflict extra stress upon a successful attack, typically escalating depending on the size of the weapon. The following is a good rule of thumb. For any conflict that isn’t a modern battlefield, weapon bonuses will range from +1 to +3 stress on a successful attack.

Small pocket weapons, knives, saps, etc. Weapon:1
Swords, bats, batons, pistols Weapon:2
Two-hand weapons, heavy pistols, rifles, shotguns, most full-auto guns Weapon:3
Explosives, bazookas, rockets, tank shells Weapon:4+

Option: Cinematic Combat[edit]

For a more cinematic effect and slightly less lethal combat, consider a maximum bonus for any weapon to be no more than double the base stress. So, if a successful attack achieved 2 stress before a weapon bonus, then the highest bonus for damage possible would be +2, even if the attacker was wielding a shotgun.

Option: Aspected Weaponry[edit]

Players and GMs could work together to determine an aspect that a particular weapon has. The aspect could then be invoked for free once per scene, and thereafter would require either a Fate point or a skill roll to reactivate the free invocation. For example, you might have a holdout pistol with an aspect, "Easily Hidden". When it's searched for, you might invoke it to gain a bonus to have it remain hidden. If you have a gun with "Full Auto", perhaps you can invoke that for a bonus to damage, after you hit a target. To invoke it again for free, you might first spend an action using Shoot to reload the weapon.

Give weapons aspects only if it is important to the character or the story. Otherwise, a gun is a gun and a knife is a knife -- the thing that makes it important is what is done with it. Only if a player or GM considers a particular flaw or strength a weapon has to be important to the story should an aspect might be given to it.

This option can be used with Cinematic Combat.

Armor and Armor Ratings[edit]

Armor runs at the same scale and a bit behind weaponry in terms of how much stress it will absorb. Armor ratings range from 1 to 3, where each point means it absorbs that much stress from an attack. Individuals can’t really get hold of armor ratings of 4 or more outside of sitting inside a tank.

Light Armor such as kevlar bullet-proof vests Armor:1
Reinforced armor such as kevlar with reinforced plates Armor:2
Advanced carbon fiber armor (not really available, except as cutting edge prototypes) Armor:3

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