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This page will contain links to stories both current and concluded for the Shadowgate: Mythic online game. New pages for stories will be created right from this page, so other authors and readers might like to set a Watch here.

Shadowgate: Mythic stories posted here should not contain adult material. The place for those is on the Mythic blog. If you wish to read them, you may be asked for a password (which is simply Mythic). Securing the pages in this way simply prevents someone from accidentally running into stories that might be a tad smutty by accident.

The Shadowgate: Mythic game is created in a "parallel universe" with respect to the Changeling: Mythic game that used the Changeling: The Lost system by White Wolf. This means that while many details of the setting are now very different, the most important events to the central characters still happened in the Shadowgate: Mythic world. Each player character has a brief perspective written about themselves that reflects just what is the same. It also provides an entertaining background for each character. They appear on the blog:

Shadowgate: Mythic begins about a year after the final events of Forest of Fear and Strife, but we won't be keeping detailed track of time here. All events of this story arc are considered to be occurring in the near now.

Side stories are indented. Major stories are not.

  • In Double Date, Rey agrees to a double date idea the Drake had, who hopes to patch things up between he and Mira. Things get a bit hairy when dark portents precede the arrival of witch hunters!
  • In A Little Prick, Rey finds herself in bad shape after a weekend of missing memory. After calling Mira, they investigate to discover vampires are involved! Later, Rey spends a couple days recovering with werewolf allies while Mira digs herself in deeper with Remy Depres.
  • A snapshot of Rey's personal life contrasts sharply with what is going on in Mira's in The Sweet Touch.
  • A little scene for Rey and Chase appears in Reward for Good Behavior. This one has adult content, so if you would like to read it, remember you need the password.
  • Less plans for covert action in Licensed to Kill.
  • Rey and Mira go for a night out in Stormfront Powderkeg. Though it ends poorly for Mira, Rey goes on to meet with the new leader of the Stormfront pack.
  • In House Hunting, Rey looks for a new home.
  • When Less discovers a secret splinter cell of Shadowgate, a powerful group with oversight of the supernatural world bears an immediate threat to himself, he must turn to his friends for help. But can the heroes defend themselves from these self-appointed monster hunters and the intrigues of their own secret world at the same time? The adventure begins in The Hunters and continues with The Hunters 2, The Hunters 3, The Hunters 4, The Hunters 5, The Hunters 6.
  • Having been struck by a semi truck in The Hunters, Mira recovers over the course of a few days at Remy's manion in Recovery.
  • Remy and Mira host a small dinner for Rey and Chase in Dinner Party. Afterwards, Mira unleashes Remy's beast in After Dinner Party: Remy and Mira while Chase and Rey enjoy some of the facilities reserved at the hotel in which dinner took place in After Dinner Party: Rey and Chase.
  • The next day, Rey and Chase request Mira's help to unravel the mystery of their future together in Question Mark.
  • A few days later, Rey seeks advice regarding something that happened during Mira's oracular reading of her future. Then, after most of a month passes while Chase and Rey await the right time for Chase to Mark Rey, they deal with complications when they realize Rey's new mansion is home to more than she expected in Marking Time.
  • Some time later, Remy is called to meet with the Master of the City and asked to bring the servant, Maya, in The Masters Call.
  • Mira rids Rey of a troublesome fae and adds her to Remy's menagerie in A Fae Acquisition.
  • That evening Rey and Chase were out to the Rusty Sprocket in Showing Her Off.
  • Rey calls up Mira and together they seek a rare herb from Faerie in Faerie Foraging.
  • It has been some time since they were last together, so Mira gets together with Rey for a Girls Night Out. Remy "suggests" Mira take Nieve out as well -- hijinks ensue.
  • Mira meets Paul for a follow-up Play Date. (There is a NSFW part to this post linked inside that post for those that would like to know the details of their encounter.)
  • Less embeds Agent 12 in the Brimstone Barony:
  • In April of 2014, Johnny the Silenus (a.k.a. Agent 12) reveals suspicious happenings to Less in The Black Thorn. His investigations soon uncover a sweeping conspiracy threatening all of Fae society in Mythic!