Sabina the White

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Name: Sabina the White

Description: She has her wealth and power because she earned it, built it herself. She came to Rathport to found a magic guild.

Physical Stress: ❑❑❑ Mental Stress: ❑❑❑❑


Aspects Skills
A Human Sorceress of Incredible Power +5: Resources

+4: Craft, Lore
+3: Deceive, Notice, Rapport, Will
+2: Athletics, Empathy, Investigate, Physique
+1: Fight, Stealth

Always Wears Something White
Ambitious Master Manipulator
Extra: Master of the Conservatorium Magica
Extra: Lucien, My Lieutenant.
A Great supporting npc.
+4: Physique; +3: Fight, Athletics; +2: Notice, Shoot; +1: Will, Empathy.
Stunts: Grappler (Fate Core).

Extra: Bearer of the Enchanted Blade, Changeling


Enchanting (+6), Abjuring (+4), Glamour (+4)

Inflict Geas.
(Enchanting) This stunt grants bonus shifts upon a successful mental attack meant to inflict a geas. This is a weapon:2 bonus that inflicts mental stress.
Defensive Runecasting.
(Abjuring)You specialize in using your magic to inscribe magically-powered sigils. When you create advantages in this way, you can imbue drawn or inscribed sigils with magical power that will cause the aspects to last indefinitely or until the sigils are removed. They must be overcome for magic to penetrate and the aspect has one free invocation per scene that can be used to defend against incoming magical attacks.
(Glamour) You can make illusions that are “real”. So weapons or creatures created with Glamour do very real, physical stress. A merchant might bite a gold coin that is a seeming and find that it is real. Success with a create an advantage action will usually cause the seeming to last for a scene. Exceptional success can make it last until the next sunrise or sunset.

Magic Guild of Rathport

A Giant Scale Organization

+2: Lore, Resources
+1: Magical Defense, Investigate

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