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Saikoubi-Chika (Most Beautiful Wisdom)

Also known to parents and close associates as simply Yoko (Sun Child).


Amaterasu, Shinto goddess of the sun. Ama-Tsa-Mara?, Shinto god of weapon smithing.


Saikoubi-Chika was born of both war and peace, and her youth was formed of the Japanese obsession with technology, an area in which they continue to excel. In August of 1945, Japan suffered the worst calamity in history; the power of the Sun was unleashed within a weapon of war to destroy thousands of individuals and poison thousands more.

This horrible incident heralded an end to the old Japanese way of life and a new era was born. With it, the Shinto god Ama-Tsu-Mara wed the beautiful Goddess of the Sun. Their offspring became the child of a new era. Their Yoko became the patron goddess of all victims of Technology.

Backstory Notes

This goddess has been in existence for only 65 years, but her heritage and a large base of unknowing followers have already made her powerful.

Though her power can be terrible, it is more often that of healing, not destruction. Thus, this goddess is of dual nature. However, she tends to focus on curing the ills and harm that misuse of technology can create.


Sun and Forge.


Mandatory traits: None

Common traits: Most characters with this aspect are healers of some kind.

Primal Powers: Awe, Primal Fire, Life, Light, Magic.

Forge Mandatory traits: *Must* spend at least 3 points in Intelligence and 3 points in Strength (ie place 3 points in these attributes, before bonuses), and Craft (Weaponsmith) skill of 1+

Common traits: Sometimes have Artistic Talent

Primal Powers: Awe, Might, Primal Fire, Smith

Summary of Primal Powers

Total Primal Powers: Awe, Life, Light, Magic, Might, Primal Fire, and Smith.