Sanctuary of the Gods

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The Sanctuary of the Gods maintains the acropolis with its ten temples of the gods in Khelekeska and all temples in smaller towns throughout the city-state and beyond. It's supported both by the government as well as by donations by the populace. Temples are not considered public property, but are frequently opened to perform public functions and service.

The Santuary of the Gods revers all the gods and each member of the pantheon is represented with a high priest who carries authority over his or her own priests and followers. Their status is stitched on the veils they wear.

A Revered Father or Revered Mother is selected to guide the Sanctuary of the Gods from among the ten high priests and priestesses. In addition to leading the Sanctuary, the Revered must take on the role of Archon. The Revered also appoints justices to whom she can delegate legal matters. The most important trials are her responsibility, however. Knowing what matters are important for her to personally preside over and which are not is part of the job.

The Sanctuary is not without their own brand of protection. Sometimes it is necessary to send emissaries or competent warriors to protect priests in dangerous areas, recover sensitive artifacts, and act as representatives of the Sanctuary in times of need. These warriors make up the Sanctuary Knights. Temples that sponsor knights include: Mordan (10%), Neela (10%), Ragoth (20%), Sharn (5%), Solara (5%), Val'tor (15%), and Vanima'du (35%).

High Priestess Frobis, a female dwarf, is the current Revered Mother of the Sanctuary.

Other important figures include:

  • Pias Durhala (Half elf female)
    • Half Elf Cleric of Records
    • Socially Disconnected without a Book in Hand

The Ten High Priests[edit]

  • High Priest Imalior of Innora. Male ice elf
  • High Priestess Caelebel of Jora. Female ice elf
  • High Priestess Frobis of Mordan. Female dwarf
  • High Priestess Brimia of Nadral. Female gnome
  • High Priest Brutus of Neela. Male avonian
  • High Priest Skondin of Ragoth. Male dwarf
  • High Priestess Attica of Sharn. Female avonian
  • High Priest Syrus of Solara. Male avonian.
  • High Priest Vitalus of Val'tor. Male avonian
  • High Priestess Inrisil of Vanima'du. Female ice elf