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Name: Sarah

Description: Quiet and unassuming, Sarah is Morgan's companion. She is quite devious on her own, a capable thief whose lack of human moral boundaries has her going after things she probably shouldn't more often than not. Morgan has to reign her in from time to time to avoid the wrath of their pack alpha.

Physical Stress: ❑❑❑ Mental Stress: ❑❑❑


Aspects Skills
HC: A Feral Thief of the Iron Tooth Pack +4: Brawl, Burglary, Deceive, Stealth, Melee

+3: Athletics, Contacts, Crafts, Investigation, Notice,

+2: Empathy, Rapport, Physique, Resources, Will

Origin: A Girl Who Just Can’t Get Enough
Prophetic Dreams
Unspoken Communication (Invoke to use Rapport with a pack member without needing to speak.)
The Vampire Warren Brody Owes Me

Looker (Rapport) - +2 to Rapport rolls where good looks come into play.

Werewolf Stunts

Feral Shape Changing
+1 on Physique rolls to overcome and create advantage rolls relying on strength. Can spread Lycanthropy.
Change Anytime
The feral is experienced enough with her condition she is not restricted to changing only during a certain phase of the moon. She can shift anytime.
Pack Ties
(Empathy) Sarah can sense the condition of any member of her pack anywhere in her locality (assume the size of about a county). A pack member trying to hide his or her condition can resist using Deceive.
(Brawl) Gain Weapon:2 in beast form.
Scent Supernatural
(Notice) Use Notice to detect whether someone is a supernatural or not.


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