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Satyrs, also called fauns in some cultures, are characterized by having goat-like lower bodies, the upper body of a hairy man, and small horns. There are many variations on the theme, however, with some satyrs retaining human legs but having a tail, elongated ears, and a flattened nose. The carnal impulses of these fae are well-documented and well-deserved. They can be found in the retinues of some Sidhe Lords considered deities of celebration and disorder, as well as lone travelers.

When given an opportunity, satyrs will tend to engage nymphs in a merry pursuit as they male attempts to seduce and capture his alluring and elusive quarry.

Despite their carefree natures, satyrs have a natural survival instinct and inborn wisdom that potentially make them effective teachers or counsellors.

A similar sub-group of satyrs called sileni (or silenus in singular form) have instead the lower body like the hind part of a horse instead of a goat. They share much in common with satyrs except they are usually recognized as "elders" among their own kind, and spend slightly less time drinking and pursuing maidens and slightly more time accumulating lore.

Common Aspects

High Concept: Half Man Half Beast, All Lover
Obsessed with Nymphs
Wine Is a Close Second!


  • Academics
  • Athletics
  • Beast Kin
  • Occult
  • Physique
  • Rapport


Blessing of the Beast
Choose one animal feature or advantage; the satyr does not have to pay a Fate point to invoke his Half Man Half Beast aspect to gain access to it. This could be enhanced smell, hearing, or perhaps a specific bonus to Athletics for running or jumping.

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