Shadow Gates

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Permanent Shadow Gates[edit]

The following gates are permanently open. They are also tied to powerful individuals, or protected by them. The descriptions below portray what is known about them thus far. Any other Shadow Gates in or near Mythic City are temporary, meaning they open only briefly and under certain circumstances.

The Duke's Gate[edit]

It is theorized that the Duke of the Desert Duchy personally controls a Shadow Gate. Little is known as to the location, but it seems likely it resides somewhere in or near Santa Fe. The Duke permits only those closest to him access, and none of those are talking.

The Ishtar Gate[edit]

The Ishtar Gate resides near downtown, on the edges of Seelie territory. The corresponding location in the Fae Realm places it amidst an abandoned, ancient cliff dwelling city. It’s abandonment appears recent, yet no one remembers anyone or anything living there. There are signs of war but also of celebration. Markings on monuments and walls resemble cuneiform writing. Thus the name of the Gate.

This Shadow Gate has a dramatic influence on its Guardian, however. Some say Cassandra may be losing her mind. Rumors abound that she is leading a cult these days that place her firmly at the center of the worship of mortals. Some fae respect it as a grand deception, others fear it as Cassandra has attracted to her inner circle mortals with real power. It is not yet well understood what her relationship with this witches really is.

Cassandra holds the Ishtar Gate as an independent Guardian. As such, she allows only those she considers friends and allies to use the Gate. The Gate opens only when she wishes.

The Sage's Gate[edit]

This permanent Shadow Gate leads to an ancient library of labyrinthine corridors and galleries shrouded in shadows. Difficult to navigate, the place is filled with all manner of written documents and artwork and has never been completely cataloged or mapped. If you are lucky, you might find something useful. If not, the creatures that lurk in the dark passageways might find a use for you.

The guardian of the Sage's Gate is Rey Lafitte, who holds it in the name of Countess Dahlia Blackthorn. Permission to use the gate must come from the countess or its guardian, and the gate will only on the Guardian's command.