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This is a living list of creatures and character you might meet in a Shadowgate game!

Exact stats are not given here, but descriptions, aspects, and a list of typical skills and stunt will get you well on your way to creating npcs on the fly for your Fate game. Contributions are not only welcome, they are requested!

To provide consistency in entries, please include the following sections:

  • Description (one or more paragraphs)
  • A list of typical aspects, starting with a High Concept aspect. If you have notes on how certain aspects might be used best, you can place them here.
  • A list of 5 skills, more or less. Sometimes more are desirable to describe intelligent creatures. Fewer might be desired for beasts.
  • Any stunts should be listed last along with a brief description.
  • Notes, if any, can be included at the foot of the entry. You can include references.
  • Finally, [[Category:Shadowgate C & C]] should be added to the end of each entry in order to categorize these pages properly.

If you use the {{FateCC}} template, much of the formatting and certainly the categorizing is taken care of for you.

Add any new links and pages below to expand the list.

List of Creatures & Characters



Magical Beasts

Therianthropes (Shape Shifters)