Shadowgate Survivors

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  • Remy's Coterie
  • Xavier Klein and his entourage


Not to Keep[edit]


  • The third and final dragon. I think he's a bit over the top and too difficult to handle.
  • Veridia Fear.
  • The Summer King, Jeremiah Storm
  • The Spring Queen, Cassandra, a.k.a Ishtar (but could appear in a different role?)
  • The Autumn Queen and Winter King, as titles *might* not exist. But the characters could still be here, just in different roles since they are PCs.
  • Richard. In this new reality, Richard managed to avoid being taken over by the Black Key, but was mortally wounded in the conflict. When he died, the Key died with him, ending the threat it posed. See Rey's Life for a few more details.


  • The Breaches -- won't exist
  • Seasonal Courts -- replaced by Seelie, Unseelie, and unaligned.