Society of the Veil

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The Society of the Veil (alternately called the Veiled Society) is an assassins guild.

Politics can be a vicious, life and death game in Khelekeska. Information is crucial, as is the ability to act upon said information. Thus, for nobles that can afford them, the Society can offer a distinct edge over their rivals, one any noble can be sure their rivals will use against him in turn.

As feared as the Society is, they serve a crucially important purpose in Khelekeska. By maneuvering using the Society of the Veil against rivals, nobles are able to avoid engaging in full scale war. The political game is played, and all know that lives are at stake, especially their own. The presence of the Society of the Veil encourages level-headed thinking — and often eliminates hot-heads.

The reach of the Society of the Veil does not stop at the high marble walls of Khelekeska. It reaches beyond to the towns of Trinity and Losastar and all the way to high holds of the Marcher Lords.

Aspects: Stays Bought, There Is Beauty in a Perfect Death, A Secret Brotherhood/Sisterhood

The leader of the guild is unknown to the general public. Amelie (a PC) keeps it that way. Her leadership is reinforced by her second, Corvira, who is well respected throughout the guild. Megara, talented in infiltrations as well as having a keen eye for discovery, often accompanies Amelie. Finally, there is the "face" of the guild, the one clients are more likely to see than any of the true leadership, Cirros. His people skills are matched with his discretion and quick reflexes.